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"Spider Buster"

Spider Deterrence Evaluation and Removal (Residential and Commercial):

Spiders (and other invertebrates) are an inevitable fact of life. Some species have adapted to living around and among humans. However, there are many people that fear these animals and do not want them around. Part of conservation is protecting wildlife from humans by lessening the chance of encounters. Some species are valuable to the ecosystem than most people realize. While there is no 100% sure way of keeping spiders off of a property, there are things you can do to make areas more undesirable to spiders. Many species are valuable in the food chain to keep insect populations under control. Some species that can be of medical importance/dangerous should be removed from household and surrounding areas though.

We will come out and evaluate your property and exterior building structure and provide a written report of direct and indirect attractants, structural issues, and things that can be done to lessen the appeal of your property to spiders and other invertebrates. Additionally, the property owner has the option to have nuisance spiders and other invertebrates removed from the property if they are discovered. Additional fees are charged for removal to cover relocation costs. Best thing: We offer a environmentally-friendly service as we use NO chemicals.

We offer services to Residential Homes, Neighborhoods, Apartment Complexes, Government Properties, and Commercial Property.

Some potentially nuisance spider species:

Black Widows (medically significant bite)
Brown Widows (medically significant bite)
Sac Spiders (medically significant bite)
Wandering Spiders (medically significant bite)
Black Hole Spiders (makes very messy webs around carports, garages, houses)
Huntsman Spiders (painful bite)
Giant Golden-Silk Spiders (high density populations will web up your trees/shrubs heavily and make it hard to walk around)
Black & Yellow Argiope Spiders (high density populations will web up your trees/shrubs heavily and make it hard to walk around)
Wolf Spiders
Jumping Spiders

Other invertebrates species that are potentially a nuisance:

Scorpions (painful sting)
Millipedes (garden pest)
Centipedes (painful bite)
Vinegaroons (sprays a vinegar acid, pinches hard)

• Services can be made to residents and commericial businesses. Travel time, gas, meals, transportation and consult service fees will apply. Inquire for pricing based on your situation by using the contact form below.

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