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About Us is a business and educational entity of Todd Gearheart Enterprises. It is a mail-order company that supplies exotic live and preserved invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians along with related services to private hobbyists, photographers, researchers, zoos, export customers and related companies.

Import/export, captive-breeding, field-collecting and dealing and trading in exotic invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians are the major components of the business. Educational lectures , spider survey and control and film wrangling services are also offered.

Our mission is to provide hobbyists and organizations with exciting, healthy, correctly identified and sexed invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians and their related products and services and to promote the hobby  in a responsible, professional and safe manner. is the oldest commercial invertebrate site on the net since 1996. It has been viewed by thousands of people and is the site to place invertebrate-related advertising for maximum exposure. works with the best taxonomists and researchers to ensure species are identified correctly and to supply them with specimens to further our knowledge of spiders and other invertebrates. employs trade show assistants, temporary import shipment workers, high school interns and an "army" of field collectors in many states to assist in satisfying all business and educational requests.

Todd Gearheart has been keeping, collecting and breeding spiders and other invertebrates since 1982 and has been successful in the import/export business since 1998. He is recognized as the "real Spiderman" for his expertise with spiders and related invertebrates by many hobbyists have seen him at numerous expos, educational presentations , communicating with him via phone, email or chat or hearing him interviewed on TV. Some have referred to him as a "walking encyclopedia". He is well-known for introducing many new, cutting edge of arachnoculture species and for successfully breeding some of the rarest and most challenging species known in the hobby. Todd is also know for being a wildlife photographer, author/writer and avid naturalist.

Below is an incomplete list (this list is being updated soon) of Todd Gearheart's professional associations and accomplishments in the hobby and trade:

Memberships, societies and educational associations (past and current):
• Founding board member of the Calusa Herptelogical Society, Ft. Myers, FL
• Board member of the Children's Science Center, Cape Coral, FL
• Member of the British Tarantula Society
• Member of the American Tarantula Society
• Member of the Calusa Herptelogical and Manasota Herptelogical Societies

• Past educational presentations/lectures/chats:

• 2/15/13 Todd Gearheart "Introduction to the Tarantula-keeping Hobby" (Speaker) for the Suncoast Herp. Society, Clearwater, Florida

• 2005-2009 Speaker, Repticon Trade Shows, numerous presentations on Invertebrates at shows in Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota and Ft. Myers, FL

• 2006-2008 Speaker, (several presentations on Invertebrates), Manasota Herpetological Society, Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, FL

• 5/16/07 Todd Gearheart "Florida's Fabulous Spiders and other invertebrates" (Speaker) for the Suncoast Herp. Society, Clearwater, Florida:

• 3/9/05 Todd Gearheart "Introduction to the Tarantula-keeping hobby" (Speaker) for the Suncoast Herp. Society, Clearwater, Florida

• 05/03/01 Todd Gearheart "Introduction to the Arachnid-Keeping Hobby" (Speaker) for the Calusa Herp. Society, Ft. Myers, Florida

• 9/17/99 Chat on with Todd Gearheart "TARANTULA HUSBANDRY & BREEDING SECRETS REVEALED! " :

• 05/07/98 Todd Gearheart "Arachnophobic No More" (Speaker) for the Calusa Herp. Society, Ft. Myers, Florida :

• Significant accomplishments in the hobby/trade:

• 1998: Coordinated the frst import of Hysterocrates scepticus "Sao Tome Giant Baboon", H. apostolicus "Cricket-legged Baboon" and Phoneyusa manicata "Princepe Island Baboon" from Sao Tome and Princepe Islands.

• 1998: Created and promoted the hobby's first 3-D Tarantula Poster.

• 1999: Created, edited and promoted the hobby's first color magazine: WEBBINGS

• 2000: Successfully bred Lasiodora difficilis "Brazilian Fire Red" making these the first captive-born spiderlings of this species for the U.S. hobby

• 2001: Co-partnered with Mark Hart to make available the first U.S. captive-born Nhandu chromatus "Brazilian Red & White" spidelrings (Mark Hart's female and my mature male)
• 2005: Made available the first Selencosmia peerboomi "Negros Island Earth Tiger" to the U.S. hobby.

• May 27, 2007: Introduced the first "" promotional video for a tarantula species ("Santo Domingo Goliath" Pamphobeteus sp.):

• June 1, 2007: Launched the newest version of this site "Tarantulaspiders Online" with ecommerce options, data base-orientated system and visually appealing design with the assistance of Technospider Services.

• 1/27/11: Webmaster that created the new and improved version of with the futuristic look and theme.

• 3/23/11 Created the first ebooklet Species Profile in the hobby's history (Theraphosa stirmi). Many titles have been published  since then.

• 4/1/11 Launched the "INVERTA FORUM".

• 7/5/11: Facebook page maxed out 5,000 friends in less than 7 months. A new FB page as a small business was created to add people that like the page.


  "Black Widow Spiders" - published Sep. 2011
(Todd Gearheart's beautiful pic of a Red Widow is in this book)

Captive-breeding success with the following species:

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