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We get 600+ unique visitors every day to and can also reach nearly 10,000+ people with our facebook, twitter and direct email pages and accounts in minutes!

We can help bring traffic to your site. Our advertising rates are very economical. 
Typical advertisers that we will display their ads for:

• Zoos, nature centers and science museums
• Animal theme parks
• Cricket, worm and roach supply companies
• Invertebrate & Reptile supply companies
   (this is on a case-by case basis depending on any conflict
   with commercial interests by both parties)

• Pest control companies
• Scientific organizations
• High school Zoology clubs
• Eco Tourism companies
• Taxidermy companies
• Reptile clubs/societies
• Tarantula/Invertebrate clubs/societies
• National and State Parks/Forests
• Roadside, wildlife theme shows/museums
• Text ads for breeders trying to search for species to pair up, breeding loans, etc., but no commercial advertising.
• Other ?

Scroll down this page to view ad size options and rates. Use the order form and then the shopping cart features at the top right of this page to order.

Note 1: If you need design help, we can design your ad. Choose ad design services in the shopping cart at the top right of this page.

Note 2: With your paid ad, we will also offer you a one-time plug on our facebook and our twitter pages and in our weekly newsletter . All of this amounts to reaching over 10 thousand invertebrate and reptile hobbyists.

Note 3: All banner ads with the exception of the 88x31 text ad, will need to include a displayed tracking reference code so you know customers were referred by your ad on . We strongly recommend offering a 10% discount for new customers in your ad. We can help you with this. Inquire if needed.

How to get your ad on
1) Browse the ad sizes/types/rates info on down this page.
2) Fill out and submit the order form below.
NOTE: We do consider trade advertising for crickets, roaches, supplies and live stock. See the section on the order form concerning this.
3) Go to the top right of this page and choose your ad using the shopping cart feature. We will confirm payment and contact you about your ad design, placement and start date within 72 hours.
Any questions, inquire.

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 $22.50  $62.50  $120  $235
120 x 240
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234  x 60
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 $.65  $19.50  $53.50  $102  $199
125 x 125
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 $.60  $18  $49  $93  $181
 120 x 90
Button #1
 $.55  $16.50  $44.50  $84  $163
120 x 60
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 $.50  $15  $40  $75  $145
 88 x 31
 Microbar Text ad
 $.25  $7.50  $17.50  $30  $55