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IF one or more of the following has happened to you, submit the form below:

• Ripped off (sent money, but seller doesn't ship within two weeks or the agreed ship date,  quits communicating, doesn't offer a substitution, credit, refund and/or make amends within a reasonable time period. Key note: Seller quits communicating and doesn't offer to make any amends. That is the true definition that there is a problem.)

• Badly packed shipment with many DOAs (and the seller doesn't give a credit, replacement, refund per their terms of service)

• Missexed, wrong size, wrong species (and the same conditions above)

• Very rude customer service and/or poor communications

*** You should attempt to contact the seller and give them a reasonable amount of time (2 weeks or less) to respond and make amends before submiting the below form. NO "knee-jerk" reactions. People can not always be open and responding to emails and phone calls 24/7. Be patient and reasonable. Sometimes, a seller has a legitimate reason for things and will make amends. IF not, fill out this form.

• Unreasonable and hard-to-deal with BUYER. Yes, a buyer that can not be satisfied. Buyer demands are over the top, he/she doesn't read and comply with your terms of service and there are completely impossible to deal with. Yes, there are some buyers out there that sellers need to be warned about.

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Give a short summary of the bad transaction. Provide dates. Be prepared to submit proof of your claims after we review your information.

On this page is our listing of known companies and individuals that you might want to check out throughly before doing business. It is our "opinion" that these companies and people are to be avoided. Some listings contain factual court documents that show these people for who they are. Ultimately, you the purchaser needs to make your own conclusions before doing business with these people/companies. Beware that many of these people/companies use different names and have broken business histories that you need to beware of.

Cameroon :
• Bevis Tamara
• Che Tracy

Chile :

China :
Li Man Bok Samuel Jr.
Company: Zoological Connection
D, Broadway, Mei Foo Sun Chuen
Kowloon, Hong Kong

- 11/9/10 Ripped off 1000 Euros
- 10/25/11 Ripped off 4500 Euros
- 10/29/11 Ripped off $4,000 USD (Inquire.)

Egypt :

Guyana :

Indonesia :

Fred Naturahman of WorldExotic Indonesia
Hari Yanto of IndoFauna (steals buyer's deposits and doesn't ship live stock)
Tony Wahyu of ExoPenta

Malaysia :

Middle East (?):
Nana Milson, email:
- emails pics of centipedes not found native to Costa Rica.
- emails pics of centipedes he does not have in his country.
- says he exports Costa Rican wildlife, but that country is strictly closed to exporting wildlife.
- claims to be in the Middle East, but advertises exporting from Costa Rica.
- Claims he has CITES permit for centipedes, but there are no centipedes listed as CITES.
- will not provide references, permits or anything official.

Mozambique :

Paraguay :

Peru :

South Africa / Nambia / Tanzania:
Conrad Murphy of Pull Me Down Business and Project South Africa (copies others price lists and lists species on his price lists that are not even found in his country.)
9/12/11: Popped up again putting up ads under email and Phone 00264817427521 advertising New World Tarantulas from South Africa as wild-caught natives. Advertises his business  in several African countries.


David Rooks (ornithologist/naturalist/eco tour guide)


Adam Morsi , Manalapan, NJ
screen name: Adam88
- A very rude person that if you don't respond to him 24/7 or if you sell out what he wants, he will create drama. If you sell out an animal he wants, even though he didn't have a deposit or full payment for it, he will publicly attack you with this whining. No seller wants this type of customer.

Paul Becker (Pet Center U.S.A.)
, Torrance, CA
 - See court documents of his activities at:
*** as of 9/1/11, he is now banned from four major invertebrate web site's classified and discussion forums.

Rick McJimsey (WA) - lying about his age, starter of many flame wars/personal attacks, false advertising of his age and intentions
David Shur (CA)
Pat Kane  (MA, RI, CT)
Some known aliases of Pat Kane are (but not limited to):

Bill Beggs / Spidershowcase
Chris Zorra
Mike McNulty
Bill Cardin
Pet Advantage
Pet Advantage Showcase
Ron Correia

(Click HERE for more info about Pat Kane)
• Dave Williams "expert collector of invertebrates for taxidermy purposes"
• LNL Exotics, owner: Tom (NV)
• John Cuoco (NY)
 • Henri Michael / Hank Stanger / Henri Hohenstein (MI). (Difficult buyer. Inquire for details.)

Southern California Arachnid, Bug, Invertebrate, Entomological Society)
- not all their members, but their leadership "board".
Until their leadership changes and certain practices, we do not support nor recommend this organization.)
8/6/14: Austin Morris (Belton, SC): "window shopper" that likes to put in orders and never sends payment. He will waste your time.

2/25/17 Nicholas Lopresti: likes to send numerous emails asking for discounts and not wanting to pay for reasonable shipping costs. Calls names and is quite rude. Never fills out an order form.

4/11/17: Shane Risely, Clovis, CA: Refuses to read Terms of Service Agreements. Contacts sellers 1 and 2 weeks after receiving wild-caught stock that had a 24 hr. live arrival guarantee and he wants replacements and violates the TOS shipping cost replacement policy also. Unreasonable. Makes up his own terms and disregards seller's clearly stated live arrival guarantee terms/policies.