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Cameroon Fauna List

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Cameroon allows exports of their wildlife periodically.  Unlike other importers, often reptile importers, we specialize in invertebrates. That means proper identification, often correct sexing and quality invertebrates and select lizards are provided.

Note 1) Availability changes frequently and prices are subject to change as well.
Note 2) F
or researchers and wholesale companies wishing to acquire large quantities of this country's invertebrates and/or reptiles, the minimum purchase is $2,000 of live stock to bring in a select import for you. Wholesale/large qty. pricing can be made available. Wholesale pricing available to U.S. companies with a minimum purchase of $250 in live stock. 
Inquire for more information.
Note 3) Concerning sexing, we do not guarantee sexing on purchases of scorpions. Buying in bulk, 6+ will give us the numbers to try to get you different sexing. Do not ask unless buying a six lot more more. Centipedes, true spiders and solifugids are always sold as unsexed. Tarantulas can be sexed if sub-adult or larger. Note different pricing for that service on the individual species.
Note 4) This country has some highly venomous/medically significant true spiders such as wandering and widow spiders. You will need to be an adult and fill out our venomous form to purchase them. They are mainly meant for researchers. Advanced hobbyists with sincere research projects may qualify. Inquire.

Any questions, inquire. Order by clicking here.



Hysterocrates crassipes
Hysterocrates gigas "Cameroon Red Baboon"


Babycurus buettneri
Babycurus negletus

• Centruroides graclis (introduced species)

Hottentotta hottentotta hottentotta
Hottentotta occidentalis
Isometrus maculatus
Leiurus savanicola - see the original description here.
Lychasioides amieti
Uroplectes occidentalis
Liocheles karschii
Opisthacanthus africanus africanus
Opisthacanthus lecomtei

• Pandinus dicator (CITES II listed)


Ethmostigmus trigonopodus "African Blue-Ringed"
• Scolopendra mortisans
• Scolopendra s. subspnipes


Orb Weavers:
Argiope flavipalpis "Yellow Lobed Argiope"
Nephila senegalensis "African Orange-knee Golden Silk Spider"
Nephila turneri "Yellow Jacket Golden Silk Spider"
  - pic 2 of N. turneri
 - pic 3 of N. turneri

Wolf spiders -  list coming soon!

Jumping spiders:
Unknown jumping spider species

Huntsman spiders:
Heteropoda venatoria "Giant Huntsman"
Selenops sp. "West African Flattie Huntsman"


Trap door spiders -  list coming soon!
Purse Web Spiders -  list coming soon!
Funnel Web Spiders -  list coming soon!

LIZARDS: (WC, unsexed unless noted otherwise. Buy in at least three lots for different sexing.)

-  list coming soon!

* VENOMOUS SPECIES: For  venomous (medically significant)  invertebrates go to our venomous species page.