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PRESERVED (frozen) invertebrates and reptiles for study/display/taxidermy use
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* Deadstock is shipped frozen and  insulated with an ice pack.
* Deadstock is shipping costs starts at $45

08/14/16  stock on-hand listed below.

All items are frozen and are shipped frozen in an insulated box with ice pack via priority express mail to your local P.O. for pickup to keep the box from getting too hot.

0.1 Grammostola porteri - sub-adult - premolt $10
0.1 Grammostola porteri - adult - premolt $10
1 Scolopendra alternans “Haitian Giant” sub-adult, 3.5”+, $12
1 Scolopendra dehaani “SE Asian Giant Forest”, young adult, 5.75”+, $10
1 Parabuthus liosoma “Tanzanian Fat Black-tailed”, adult, $15
1.0 Brachypelma albopilosum - mature male - A grade - $25
1.0 Poecilotheria ornata “Fringed Ornamental” - sub-adult - premolt, $30
0.1 Theraphosa stirmi, juvenile female, $40
0.1 Aphonopelma chalcodes, sub-adult female, $14
Pelinobius muticus "King Baboon”, juvenile, $20
0.1 Latrodectus hesperus, adult female, $8
1 Grammostola sp. “Concepcion”, -sub-adult, $25

P & fee: $7.50
Shipping: $45 or more depending on size of your order.
During hot temps months, shipping will be to your local P.O. for pickup only.

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