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• Educational ebooklet series by Todd A. Gearheart

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Educational ebooklet series by Todd A. Gearheart

Are you tired of not being able to find really good and accurate information on a particular species ? The hobby lacks any good books that has detailed information about a specific species . Care sheets on the internet often contain erroneous information often written by young authors and/or others with little experience in keeping, breeding and shipping the species. Todd Gearheart has used his extensive experience of over 28 years collecting, importing/exporting, establishing, breeding and shipping thousands of invertebrate and reptile species to create these very helpful and educational "ebooklets" to help the inverterbrate/reptile hobbyist.

These ebooklets are Adobe Acrobat documents  that can be opened on your computer and viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program on any PC or MAC computer in any country.

These "ebooklets" are typically five to 10 pages long with several color photographs showing babies, juveniles, sub-adults to mature adults of the species being profiled.

Topics include:

• Coloration/pattern

• Original description

• Range

• Habitat

• Size

• Growth rate

• Type

• Temperament

• Urticating hairs

• Venom potency

• Hobbyist level for care

• Temperature

• Humidity

• Substrate

• Shelter needs

• Water needs

• Food/feeding frequency

• Tank/cage size and type

• Transferring and conducting tank maintenance

• Breeding notes

• Egg sac size/ # of spiderlings

• Buying guide

• References

• Photo gallery:  (five color pics of spiderlings, sub-adult, mature male and adult female)

(These ebooklets are single-user, educational documents  meant only for your personal viewing on your computer. It is a copyrighted work that should not be copied, printed, shared or disseminated. © 2011 Todd Gearheart)

YOU can request a specific ebooklet on a particular species and/or topic and we can make that available to you usually within a week. Use the request form on this page to do this.

To order, use the shopping cart feature below with the drop-down menu to select different species profiles. Do not enter your zipcode for shipping as this document is emailed. :)

• Usually within 2 to 3 days, we will send you a password to open and view the ebooklet.

Ebooklet: Species Profiles: Tarantulas
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• Acanthoscurria geniculata "Brazilian Giant White Knee"
• Aphonopelma chalcodes "Mexican Blond"
• Avicularia metallica “Giant Metallic Blue Pinktoe”
• Avicularia versicolor “Antilles Pinktoe”
• Brachypelma emilia "Mexican Red Leg"
• Brachypelma smithi "Mexican Red Knee Tarantula"
• Brachypelma vagans "Mexican Red Rump"
• Chromatoepelma cyanopubescens “Greenbottle Blue"
• Eupalestrus campestratus "Pink Zebra Beauty"
• Grammostola porteri "Rose Hair"
• Grammostola pulchripes "Chaco Giant Golden Striped"
• Grammostola pulchra "Brazilian Black"
• Haplopelma lividum "Cobalt Blue"
• Nhandu chromatus "Brazilian Red & White"
• Pamphobeteus antinous "Bolivian Steely Blue Birdeater"
• Poecilotheria metallica "Gooty Sapphire Ornamental"
• Theraphosa stirmi "Burgundy Goliath Birdeater"
• Xenesthis intermedia "Amazon Giant Purple-Blue Birdeater"
• Phidippus genus of Jumping Spiders
• Scolopendra gigantea “Goliath Centipede”
• Scolopendra s. dehaani “SE Asian Giant Forest Centipede”
• Scolopendra polymorpha “SW American Tiger Centipede”
• Phidippus Genus of Jumping Spiders

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Ebooklet: Educational hobby series


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