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Egypt allows exports of their wildlife from April to September every year. Unlike other importers, often reptile importers, we specialize in invertebrates. That means proper identification, often correct sexing and quality invertebrates and select lizards are provided. A majority of the scorpions are in the Buthidae family and venomous/medically significant. That category of stock is for adult, advanced hobbyists and especially researchers. A venomous form will be required to purchase any venomous stock. Also, no venomous sales can be made to Florida residents unless they possess a valid FL Arthropod Permit. Inquire for infomation about obtaining that permit if you are a FL resident.

Note 1) Availability changes frequently and prices are subject to change as well.
Note 2) For researchers and wholesale companies wishing to acquire large quantities of Egyptian stock, the minimum purchase if $2,000 to bring in a select import for you. Wholesale/large qty. pricing can be made available. 
Inquire for more information.
Note 3) Concerning sexing, we do not guarantee sexing on purchases of scorpions. Buying in bulk, 6+ will give us the numbers to try to get you different sexing. Do not ask unless buying a six lot more more. Centipedes, true spiders and solifugids are always sold as unsexed.

Any questions, inquire. Order by clicking here.


• Scorpio maurus fuscus "Black Big Claw" WC unsexed JV-AD
$35, 6+@33 ea.
Scorpio maurus palmatus "Israeli Gold" WC unsexed JV-AD $35, 6+@33 ea.

Scolopendra spp. "Egyptian Centipedes", WC unsexed JV-AD $25, 6+@$23 ea.

Galeodes granti "Egyptian Giant Banded", WC JV-AD, $45, 6+@$40 ea.
• Rhagodes aegypticus Egyptian Giant Black WC JV-AD, $35, 6+@$33 ea.

Chaetopelma olivaceum "Egyptian Olive Tarantula", WC unsexed juveniles, $65, sub-adult/adult females, $80

Orbweavers $25
Jumping spioders $40
Cerbalus sp. White Lady Huntsman Spider $45
Wolf spiders





* VENOMOUS SPECIES: For  venomous (medically significant)  invertebrates go to our venomous species page.