Exporter Application

IF your company resides outside the U.S.A. and you are a legal exporter of spiders, other invertebrates and/or reptiles and you are interested in exporting quality animals to us in the U.S.A.,  fill out the application below. We are all about building trust and long-term, reliable business with select exporters.

NOTE: The export trade is notorious for exporters taking money and not shipping stock and/or shipping B grade stock and/or missing numbers. We ONLY want to do business with honest, trustworthy, legal and reliable exporters. Filling out the below application completely and submitting requested items will go a long way in our consideration of doing business with you.

• In order to do business with you, we need some basic information from your company and some important questions answered. We will need to see verifiable copies of your export license and any permit(s) from your country's wildlife ministry.

 Company Name::  
First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
Address Street 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
 Website URL address::  
 How many years have you been in business?:  
 Have you shipped to the U.S. before?
 Provide at least 3 references if possible. If you are an unknown exporter, this is very important. Company/Individual name, country, email, phone #)
 Export license:

 YesNoAwaiting approval of my export license
( Email a copy of your license to : tarantulaspiders@verizon.net
Your wildlife ministry officer printed and signed name and stamp must be on your license)
 Export Permits: Do you have valid, legal permits for the wildlife that you sale?
 YesNoI'm awaiting approval of a permit
( Email a copy of your permits to : tarantulaspiders@verizon.net
Your wildlife ministry officer printed and signed name and stamp must be on your license)
Wildlife that you can provide?
 TarantulasCentipedesTrue Spiders
ScorpionsTailless Whip scorpions/Amblypigids
Whip Scorpions/VingaroonsLizardsSnakes
Solifugids/Camel Spiders/Wind Scorpions
Land CrabsONLY invertebratesONLY reptiles
ALL of the above (invertebrates & reptiles)
 CITES-listed wildlife: Do you sell CITES wildlife?
 Yes (can I can provide legal permits for CITES stock)No

 No. A general permit is used. It is not species-specific
Yes (email us copies of any species-specific permits)
 What airlines do you use to export?:  
 What airport do you export from?:  
IATA shipping standards:
 Yes, I know and conform to IATA shipping standards:
No. I do not know about IATA shipping standards
 Packing materials/techniques::
(size/type of cups, towel, packing materials)
 Type of shipping box:
 .75" thick, inner stryofoam box with .75" thick, outer, wooden box.75" thick, wooden boxOther (describe below)
 Describe your shipping box::  
 Do you have access and can you use 72 hour heat packs  during winter months?
 What months can you export?:  
EXPORT TERMS for unknown exporters from 3rd world countries:
(Suggested terms for exporters in Africa, Asia, Central & South America & the Caribbean doing business with us for the 1st time)
 Importer paying inbound freight. 50% of total invoice due 2 days upon receipt. Balance due within 2 weeks of receipt.
 EXPORT TERMS for known, established exporters from Europe, Japan and U.K.
Importer pays inbound freight. 50% deposit to reserve stock. Balance due 2 weeks after receipt.
Exporter pays freight and puts that in the total invoice. 50% deposit to reserve stock. Balance due 2 weeks after receipt.
Your suggested terms:
(Keep in mind that for a first order, you have to prove you can be trusted)
 Method of payment:
 Bank Escrow account controlled by an Airline Cargo agent (strongly suggested for the first order)
Paypal (export deducts fee off invoice)
Western Union (exporter deducts fee off invoice)
Bank wire
 PHOTOS of your stock:
No (we can not do business with you if you can't provide original pics of your stock)
Requesting your price list(s) and our response time:
 Email your price list as a .pdf, .html. .doc or .txt file types. Make sure you include quantity, genus, species, common name, size, sex (if known) and price along with bulk pricing in 6, 12,25, 50, 100+ lots. Our email: tarantulaspiders@verizon.net

We will process this application and get back to you usually in a few days. Please fill out the whole application and email requested items. Thank you.
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