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Fauna List: Indonesia

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Indonesia allows exports of their wildlife periodically with limited quotas on select species with small lots of 15 to no more than 60 of any one species.

Note 1: Availability changes frequently and prices are subject to change as well. (After submitting your order, we will confirm current pricing).

Note 2:
Minimum stock purchase is $400 of live stock to bring in a select import for you. 
Inquire for more information.

Note 3:  Species are sold as unsexed and mixed sizes unless otherwise noted or listed as a specific size/sex. Buying in bulk of six or more will increase your chances of getting desired sizes/sexes.

Note 4: Indo has only allowed out invertebrates a few times in years past. As of March 2013, Indo is not allowing spiders and other invertebrates to be exported. IF this changes, we will post a notification to this page with species listings.

Note 5: We DO NOT send out pics/photos of animals which are under $1000.00, typical in coloration (meaning there is no variation in the species) or just because you want to see the condition of the animal we are sending. We simply do not have the time to do it, and more often then not the customers who are requesting photos don't turn out to be customers anyways.  In the case of an expensive purchase (retail over $1000.00) we will send out a pic if requested. We hope you can all understand and respect our position on this.

Any questions, inquire. Order by clicking here.

*** IF you do not see prices listed, the stock is found in Indo, but has not been made available as of yet for export.


Baby Frilled Dragons, $170, 6@$160 ea.,  12+@$150 ea.
Dumerils Monitors $220, 6+@$215 ea.
Black Roughneck Monitors $220, 6+@$215 ea.

Baby Peachthroat Monitors $290, 6+@$285 ea.
Green Tree Monitors (Biak) $995 a pair
Black Tree Monitors $650 a pair
Tokays Geckos,  $12, 12@$11 ea.,  25+@$9 ea.
Flying Geckos $17,  12+@$15 ea.
Halmhera Giant Geckos $56,  4+@$52 ea.
Red Eye Tribs $100,  6@$90 ea.,  12+@$80 ea.
Halmhera Blue Tongues $190 ea, 6+@$185 ea.

Chondros "Aru" Young Adults $450
Chondros "Manakwari" Young Adults $450
Chondros "Biak" $350, 6+@$340 ea.
Captive-hatched Chondros (various locale availaiblity, inquire), $450, 6+@$400 ea.
D'Alberts Pythons $200, 6+@$195 ea.
Captive-hatched Irian Jaya Carpets $130, 6+@$125 ea.

Captive-hatched Boelens Pythons, Super RARE!, $10,000 a pair

Bufo guttata $60,  6+@$55 ea.





* VENOMOUS SPECIES: For  venomous (medically significant)  invertebrates go to our venomous species page.