WELCOME! Our official start date of this forum: April 1, 2011

What's going to be different from other invertebrate-related forums on the net:

* The forum will be family-friendly and there will be no "watering holes".

* The forum will be strongly orientated towards education and information.
* There will be a breeding loan advertising section "Personals", but no classified section initially.

Simple rules:
* Use your real name and state/province/country and post a thumbnail pic of yourself (headshot/face) when registering. (When people are not apprehensive to let others know who they are, they tend to behave better socially on the internet.)
* Flame wars, insensitive remarks, racial slurs, obscene writing, bad language and the disrespect of others will not be tolerated. Healthy, logical arguments may happen, but when you take the low road to attack or disrespect another member, our rule is very, very simple:  One strike and your out! You will be blocked from participation for a minimum of one month and possibly more. Our goal is to make the INVERTA FORUM different from other forums on the net. We want it to develop into THE forum for invertebrate education and information that kids, adults, photographers, scientists and teachers love and respect.
• By following the above rules and goals, we hope to attract more scientists and educators to the forum.