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International Symposium

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• Speakers will get a free table, lodging,  special privileges at the conference and most importantly a chance to reach the targeted audience for their studies/ideas and the opportunity to solicit donations for their studies/causes/ work.

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Invited Wildlife Law & Regulating Government Agencies :

• Homeland Security/U.S. Customs
• FL Dept. of Agriculture -Specializing in Cheap Flights

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Non-profit organizations:

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Zoos/Nature Centers/Science Museums:

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Invited Arthropod Societies:

• African Arachnological Society
• American Arachnological Society
• Arachnida Schweiz
• American Tarantula Society
Associação Brasileira de Aracnófilos (Brazilian Society)
Associazione Italiana di Aracnologia
• Australian Arachnological Society
Beligian Arachnological Society
• British Arachnological Society
• British Tarantula Society
• British Arachnological Society
Exotiske Insekter(Danish society)
• European Society of Arachnology
• Deutsche Arachnologische Gesellschaft e.V.
• Dutch Tarantula Society
• GEA Group d'etude des arachnides
• German Arachnological Society
• Hungarian Arachnological Society
• International Society of Arachnology
• Malaysian Tarantula Society
• Philippine Arachnological Society
SAF (Svenska ArthropodFöreningen), a Swedish society
• San Francisco Bay Area Tarantula Society
• SECA (Spanish Association for Arthropod Breeding)
• Spider Club of South Africa

Invited Shipping Carriers:
• Fed Ex
• U.S. Postal Service
• Delta Airlines
• Air Canada
• Air France
• British Airways
Conference costs:
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What to do in beautiful, sunny, sub-tropical Sarasota, Florida?
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Arthropod Symposium (IAS)

Where? Sarasota, Florida

When? October 2013 (exact date to be determined soon!)

How long? Friday-Saturday-Sunday

What is it? A conference of arthropod educators, researchers, private hobbyists, zoos, photographers, film makers, breeders, dealers, importers, exporters and conservation and wildlife law enforcement groups in which the hobby and industry will share, debate, make presentations and organize to grow and protect our hobby and trade in a professional and conservation-minded way. There will be legal arthropods for sale limited in species and time available at the conference as the conference will be dominated by educational presentations and emphasis.

What's going to be real different from reptiles shows and insect fairs you've attended before is a code of ethics will be developed for commercial sellers in the trade that will display a respect for working with wildlife law agencies and conservation groups.

We will highlight and raise funds for researcher's studies and conservation groups for managed control of species with an emphasis on combating habitat destruction, managed import quotas for arthropod species and providing volunteers for assisting researcher's studies. We also will develop ways to raise positive awareness of our hobby with the general public.

Symposium Organizer: Todd Gearheart

• IF you wish to be a speaker at this symposium, contact us with the form below.

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