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Kentucky fauna list

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The below stock list represents species that can be field-collected for your order. Due to high gasoline prices, our collector's time away from their business and strenuous labor inccured in hunting in high temperatures  in full sun or night hunting with biting bugs and in the habitats rattlesnakes and other dangerous wildlife, our minimum order is a six lot on any species. Most of our trips take 1 to 3 hours car drive and 1 to 6 hours of hunting to find your desired stock.

Kentucky field-collecting takes 2 weeks on average. Full payment required prior to collecting. Desired sexing and sizes will be catered to, but not guaranteed. Order six or more increases you chances of getting ideal sexing and sizes. Also, sexing and sizes depends on the time of year in the species life cycle.

We specialize in working for researchers that are doing studies on web structure, behavior and venom. We can collect certain stock orb weaving and wolf spiders in larger quantities of 50+ with discounts in the late summer.

*** Important:
The collecting season runs mainly between early April through early September. October though March are months in which it is too cold and/or many species have ended their life cycle. Also, this list is always being added to. It is not the complete fauna list for the state.

Any questions, inquire.

**** IF you live in this state and would like to apply to be a reliable collector for what we need and are interested in store credit/trade/cash for your efforts,  inquire.


See this reference link for a list of spiders in Kentucky: below are wild-caught, unsexed juveniles to adults unless noted otherwise)

• Phidippus audax "Audacious Jumping Spider", {Available: April - Aug.}, 6@$14 ea., 12@$12 ea., 25+@$10 ea.

* VENOMOUS SPECIES: For  venomous (medically significant)  invertebrates go to our venomous species page.