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Land Crab price list

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Land Crabs have become very popular pets. They are fairly easy to keep, are great for kids and beginners and they can't sting or bite. They can pinch with a claw though and the Giant Land Crab should not be free handled at all due the their large claws.

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12/25/15 NEW Arrivals list. CLICK HERE

Cardisoma guanhumi “Giant Caribbean Land Crabs”, Rarely made available. Inquire about availability. WC unsexed juveniles to young adults $45, 6@$40 ea., 12@$35 ea., 19@$30 ea.

ONLY available: Nov. 2 to June 29 in Florida.
{Note: this species can only be collected in FL between Nov. 1 of each year through June 30 of the following year by hand. No more than 19 a day. They are rarely collected in FL. It is more feasible to import them from Barbados, but a large minimum order is required. See the Barbados fauna list.

Coenobita clypeatus “Hermit Crab” (FL form), WC juvs to adults, $7 6@$4.25 ea.,  12@$4 ea.,  25@$3.75 e., 50@$3.50 ea.

• Coenobita perlatus "Indo Strawberry Hermit Crab", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $25 ea., 6+@$23 ea.

• Coenobita violascens "Indo Violet Crab", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $25 ea., 6+@$23 ea.

Gecarcinus quadratus “Halloween Moon Crab”, WC juvs to adults,  $12, 6@$8.50 ea., 12@$8 ea.,  25@$7.50 ea., 50@$7 ea.

Gecarcinus ruricola "Purple Land Crab", Rarely made available. Inquire about availability.  $25, 6+@$23 ea.
* See a video HERE of a large adult.

Geosesarma spp. "Vampire Land Crabs", (Assorted color morphs/species "Fire Devil", "Mandarin", "Purple", "Golden Eye". We do NOT guarantee an exact color morph/species when you place an order for vampire crabs.), WC unsexed juvs to adults, $25 ea., 6+@$23 ea.

* NOTE: Check the Special import  lists for more land crab species available especially the Barbados Fauna list.