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- Steven Lennert's excellent centipede site! Best pede site on the net!
- Good site with forums and lots of pics posted for the European centipede hobby

- Awesome portal site about tarantula spiders. Nice layout, easy to browse.

-  Awesome site on rare, colorful and large asian arboreal tarantulas. Great photography and interesting info.
-  Wildlife Photographer Pete Carmichael's site. Lots of great true spider pics here. I highly encourage hobbyists to buy nice quality prints from Pete's extensive photo gallery.
- Incredidble photography! Some of the best pics on the net of tarantulas.
-  Poecilotheria genus Identification Photos
- Support this website! The father of a son with autism takes beautiful photos of our hobby's invertebrates and uses those pics to help promote his awareness site on autism. Support this site with your kind donations and buying of any photo products they offer.

SPIDERS: - The subject of our interest is a study Mygalomorphae and Araneomorphae suborders focusing on Biology and ecology

- Our Mission: Using the best resources we have access to, we are creating a knowledgebase to help each other and the online community. Lots of nice photos on this site.

- Educational site on spiders of the world from a U.k. hobbyist named Ian Mason.
- Awesome site with a lot of good identification info.
- Olly's Educational shows (Great guy and does very good educational shows. Highly recommended in the Philly area.)
- The mission of the Florida State Collection of Arthropods is to continue to build and maintain the best possible worldwide collection of terrestrial and aquatic arthropods for research, education, and support of the regulatory functions of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; to serve as a repository for type, voucher and research specimens; to conduct arthropod biodiversity surveys especially of the tropics and subtropics, of which Florida is part due to its unique geography and climate; to do so with the aim of furthering the science of arthropod systematics, and to document, understand, and protect Florida’s natural fauna and flora and its agricultural economy.
-  Welcome to the "beta version" of a new Internet resource for tarantula hobbyists. The Tarantula Bibliography is a taxonomic database that provides bibliographic citations of both scientific and hobby publications regarding theraphosid spiders. Where possible direct links to downloadable papers or those that can be viewed online are provided. This is a work in progress and a project that actively seeks input from hobbyists and scientists. Revisions and additions will be made as soon as they are received so that the site becomes more complete as soon as possible.

-  The American Arachnological Society (AAS) was founded in August 1972 to promote the study of arachnids, to achieve closer cooperation and understanding between amateur and professional arachnologists, and to publish the Journal of Arachnology. The Society also sponsors annual meetings and cooperates with other professional societies. Membership is open to all individuals interested in the Society's objectives.

The American Tarantula Society or ATS, established in 1991, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering education about tarantulas and other arachnids.
-  The Australian Tarantula Association's Primary Aim.. To raise the public awareness of native Australian tarantulas. To circulate up to date and correct information about Australian tarantulas including identification, captive care, basic ecology, in order to eliminate common misconceptions. To encourage the breeding and sale of captive-bred tarantulas as opposed to wild-harvested tarantulas. To provide a focal point for the sharing of information, knowledge and experiences between breeders and keepers of Australian tarantulas. To support and work in conjunction with professional Arachnologists and academic institutions.
-  In 1958 the Flatford Mill Spider Group was formed by a small band of enthusiasts lead by D.W. Mackie. This blossomed to a membership of 42 by 1963 and had a regular news bulletin produced by David Mackie. At this time it was decided to give it national status by renaming it the British Spider Study Group - by 1965 the membership had risen to 52 and included its first non-British members. At its tenth annual meeting in 1968 it was resolved the Group would change its status and become the British Arachnological Society. In May 1999 the BAS celebrated its 40th Anniversary by holding the Annual General Meeting at Flatford Mill. The gathering included two of the original members of the Flatford Mill Spider Group! The modern BAS now has over 250 U.K. members and almost as many overseas members, together with a number of subscribing institutions throughout the world.
-  Established in 1985 - With our roots going back much earlier the BTS is the worlds oldest ongoing tarantula society. Our main site is for public viewing, here you will find the BTS forum: for posting questions on tarantulas and other related subjects. Bulletin board: for posting announcements, and trading your captive bred tarantulas etc. BTS Chat room: Open tarantula chat and expert guest chat sessions. plus much much more!
- With respect to public benefit, the society serves to unite all - primarily German - arachnologists, except acarologists. The DeArGe aims to • inform about and study arachnids and their correct keeping and breeding, • allay fears concerning common prejudices towards spiders, this includes correcting information which are published by the media, • further the protection of indigenous arachnids and their natural habitat, which also means to encourage captive breeding, • promote cooperation with other arachnologic clubs.


- Archbold Biological Station is an independent, non-profit research facility, devoted to long-term ecological research and conservation. The Station is funded principally by proceeds from an endowment overseen by Archbold Expeditions, a non-profit operating foundation founded by Richard Archbold. The Station owns and manages a 5,193-acre, globally significant natural preserve. The Station also manages the MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center (MAERC) (10,300 acres) at Buck Island Ranch. Archbold Expeditions also manages the Reserve (3,648 acres) adjacent to the Station.
- Twenty-one indigenous and six introduced species in nine genera occur in North America; two of the introductions have been intercepted only in quarantines at ports, and two others are known only from one or two sites in Canada. Two Canadian provinces -- Ontario and British Columbia -- and 43 of the lower 48 states harbor indigenous scolopendromorphs, the exceptions being North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine; one species also is native to southern Alaska.
- These pages provide general information on both millipedes & centipedes and sections on past, present, and projected research projects. The latter involve extensive collaborations with colleagues both in the US and other countries and continents, and will be updated periodically as new information becomes available. There is also a table of differences between millipedes & centipedes (it's more than just the number of legs) and a page of links to other websites with photos and accurate information on these organisms. The general information concludes with family-level taxonomies, and photos of representatives of North American taxa will be accessible by clicking on names in these classifications.

World Spider Catalog:

- The World Spider Catalog version 8.5 by Norman I. Platnick

- Dr. Shelley is the Curator of Terrestrial Invertebrates at N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences. His current research focuses on the phylogeny and distribution of Nearctic and northern Neotropical Diplopoda, generic relationships in the julidan family Parajulidae, and taxonomy and distribution of the centipede order Scolopendromorpha in the Western Hemisphere.
-  Nice museum.


Rick West. (Theraphosid Taxonomist)

ART/ CRAFT PRODUCTS (Invertebrate and Reptile related):
- Check out Melanie's art work in clay!

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