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*** Minimum order for "live" stock: $50 (not including shipping costs)
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*** Note: Stock availability and quantities can change at anytime. Prices are subject to change too with different shipments/imports from suppliers. Submit your ideal order below and we will confirm availability and communicate back with you.

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01/01/18 NEW Arrivals at!

0.6 Phidippus clarus "Eastern Red-back Jumping Spider”, WC adult females with for ONLY $7 ea.!!!!


1.0 Aphonopelma chalcodes, WC mature male. Ready to breed! Last mature male for this breeding season, snag this fella for your female today! $25

• Aphonopelma chalcodes "Mexican Blond", WC unsexed sub-adults, $40 ea., 6+@$38 ea., confirmed sub-adult/young adult females, $60 ea., 6+@$55 ea.

1.1 Aphonopelma chalcodes "Mexican Blond", WC adult breeding pair $80!

Aphonopelma marxi "Grand Canyon Black", Rarely offered! CB unsexed .5", $35

• Aphonopelma seemani "Costa Rican Stripe Knee", unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $16 ea., 6+@$15 ea., confirmed female sub-adults/adults, $39 ea., 6+@$37 ea.

2 Augacephalus ezendami "Mozambique Golden-brown Baboon Tarantula", Rarely offered! B E A U T I F U L !!! WC (1) unsexed juveniles/sub-adults 2.75"-3", $45, (0.1) adult female $65

0.1 Avicularia aurantica “Peruvian Yellow-Banded Pinktoe”, Rarely offered! WC established adult female 5.75”, $125

• Avicularia avicularia "Pinktoe", CR unsexed .5”-.75” spiderlings, min. order: six lot. 6@$9 ea., 12+@$8 ea., WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $20, 6+@$22 ea., WC confirmed sub-adult/adult FEMALES!, $30, 6+@$28 ea.

0.1 Avicularia juruensis (ex. A. urticans) "Peruvian Pinktoe", Rarely offered! WC unsexed large juveniles to sub-adults, $70 ea., 6+@$65 ea., (1) mature male $80 ea., confirmed female sub-adult/adults, $90 ea., 6+@$85 ea.

• Avicularia metallica “Amazon Giant Gun Metal Blue Pinktoe”, CB unsexed .5" 1st instar spiderlings just hatched! $19, 6@$17, (ask for bulk discounts of 25 or 50 lots on our order form if interested), WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults $25, 6+@$23 ea., WC confirmed sub-adult females $45 6+@$40 ea., large adult females, $65, 6+@$60 ea.

• Brachypelma albopilosum "Curly Hair", unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $30 ea., 6+@$33 ea.

• Brachypelma auratum "Mexican Flame Knee", Beautiful and long-lived! (1) CB unsexed .75"+, $39, (2) CB unsexed large juveniles 2.75"-3", $130 ea.

0.2 Brachypelma boehmei "Mexican Fire Leg", Rarely offered female! This species is considered to be the most colorful of all the red-legged variety of Mexican Brachypelma species. CB 3"+ confirmed females $150 ea.

• Brachypelma hamorii (ex. B. smithi ) “Mexican Red Knee”, THE Tarantula that got the hobby started! CLASSIC! CB unsexed 3” $110 ea., 6+@$105 ea., CB unsexed 4”, $170 ea.

• Bumba cabocla "Amazonian Redhead", Rarely made available! Rumored to possess a stronger venom than other tarantulas. Pretty post-molt! CB unsexed .25"-.5" spiderlings $24 ea., 6+@$22 ea.

12 Caribena (old genus: Avicularia) versicolor "Antilles Pinktoe", A hobby "classic" and one of the most beautiful tarantulas in the world! CB unsexed .75", 2nd instar spiderlings/well-started, $24 ea., 6+@$22 ea.

• 0.1 Ceratogyrus darlingi "Rear-Horned Baboon Tarantula", not commonly offered!, WC confirmed female sub-adult, 4” $70

0.2 Chilobrachys cf andersoni (dark morph) “SE Asian Giant Smokey Black Earth Tiger”, Rarely offered! Very beautiful with their smokey black velvet legs! Grows to 8"+! WC confirmed sdult females $80 ea.

• Chilobrachys dyscolus "South Vietnam Blue Earth Tiger", CB unsexed 3" large juveniles, $90 ea., 6+@85 ea.

0.1 Chilobrachys cf dyscolus "South Vietnam Blue Earth Tiger", Rarely offered! Beautiful! Not for beginners. WC 5” sub-adult female, NEW bloodline for the U.S. hobby! $125

Chilobrachys fimbriatus “Indian Violet”, Beautiful species! CB unsexed 2”-2.5”+ juveniles $44 each

Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens "Green Bottle Blue Tarantula", CB unsexed large spiderlings 1”+, $85

Cyriopogopus sp. "Sulawesi Violet Earth Tiger" (also called "Hati Hati"), AWESOME-looking semi-arboreal species! A personal favorite! CB unsexed .5-.75" spiderlings, $50 ea.

• Cyriopagopus lividum "Cobalt Blue", WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $60 ea., 6+@$55 ea., confirmed female sub-adults/adults, $80 ea., 6+@$75 ea.

• Cyriopaganus vonwirthi "Vietnamese Earth Tiger", NOT for beginners! WC unsexed juveniles to sub-adults, $24 ea., 6+@$22 ea., confirmed sub-adult/adult females, $44 ea., 6+@$42 ea.

Dolichothele diamantinensis "Brazilian Dwarf Blue", CB unsexed .75", $75 ea.

• Ephebopus murinus "Skeleton", WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $40, 6+@$38 ea., WC confirmed sub-adult/adult FEMALES!, $60, 6+@$55 ea.

• Ephebopus uatuman "Emerald Skeleton", WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $40 ea., 6+@$38 ea., confirmed sub-adult/adult females, $60 ea., 6+@$55 ea.

• 1 Grammostola actaeon "Brazilian red rump", CB unsexed 1", beautiful! Grows to 6.75"+, $50

Grammostola iheringi "Entre rios", CB unsexed 1", beautiful! Grows to 6.75"+, $55 ea.

Hapalopus sp. "Columbian Pumpkin Patch", CB unsexed 1", $65

Harpactira pulchripes "Golden Leg Baboon", All the rave of the hobby right now! B E A U T I F U L ! CB unsexed .5" spiderlings, $110 ea.

• Heteroscodra maculata "Ornamental Baboon", WC unsexed small juveniles 1.5"-2"+, $24, 6+@$22 ea.

• Hysterocrates gigas "Tawny Red Giant Baboon", CR unsexed 1.5"-2", $36, 6+@$34 ea., WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $60, 6+@$55 ea., WC confirmed female sub-adults/adults, $80 ea., 6+@$75 ea.

Holothele sanguiniceps "Trinidad Pink Dwarf", CB unsexed juveniles 2.5", $34 ea.

• Lampropelma sp. “Borneo Giant Black Earth Tiger”, Grows to 8.5”+, CB .75”-1”, $100 ea., 6+@$95 ea.

0.2 Lasiodorides polycuspulatus "Peruvian Blond", 1st time offering of juvenile to adults into the U.S. hobby since 2004!!! WC confirmed female sub-adults, $120 ea.

Megaphobema mesomales "Costa Rican Reg Leg", Very rarely offered! CB unsexed juvenile 3"+, $175

1.0 Megaphobema robustum “Colombian Giant Red Leg”, CB mature male, Ready to breed! $125 or $100 ea. plus 25% of your potential hatch out from your breeding project.

• Megaphobema velvetosoma "Ecuadorian Giant Velvet Birdeater", Rarely offered! Grows to 8.75"+!, WC unsexed large juveniles to sub-adults, $100 ea., 6+@$95 ea., confirmed female sub-adult/adults, $120 ea., 6+@$115 ea.

• Monocentropus bacfouri "Socotra Island Blue Baboon", B E A U T I F U L!, CB unsexed .5", $100 ea., 6+@$95 ea., CB 1.5" unsexed, $130 ea., 6+@$125 ea.

• Nhandu chromatus "Brazilian Red & White", Grows to 7.75"+, CB unsexed 1.5", $60 ea. 6+@$55 ea.

Nhandu tripepii "Brazilian Giant Blond", Rarely offered! CB unsexed .5”- .75”, $39

• Orphnaecus philipinus "Philippine Tangerine", CB unsexed 2.75"+, $130 ea., 6+@$125 ea.

Pamphobeteus sp. "Ecuadorian Golden Flame Birdeater" (type II), Rarely offered! Grows to 8"+! CB 2"+, $80

0.1 Pamphobeteus grandis "Iquitos Giant Black Birdeater", Rarely offered! Grows to 9.5"+! confirmed female adult, $130

• Pamphobeteus petersi "Peruvian Giant Backfire Birdeater", Rarely offered! Grows to 8.75"+! A PERSONAL favorite species! WC unsexed large juveniles to sub-adults, $110 ea., 6+@$105 ea., confirmed female sub-adult/adults, $130 ea., 6+@$125 ea.

• Pelinobius muticus "King Baboon", CB unsexed 2.75"+ juveniles, $65, 6+@$60 ea.

• Phormictopus auratus "Cuban Bronze", Rarely offered! CB unsexed 3", $90 ea., 6+@$85 ea.

• Phlogius crassipes "Australian Whistling Spider", Rarely offered! CB unsexed .75" spiderlings, $50 ea.

• Poecilotheria hanumavilasumica "Rameshwaram Ornamental", RARE! CB unsexed 3"+, $150

• Poecilotheria miranda "Bengal Four-Spotted Ornamental", Lots of white in their bands compared to other Pokies - beautiful! CB confirmed females 3”-4”, beautiful species! $150 ea.

1 Poecilotheria regalis "Indian Ornamental", Rarely offered size/gender of this species! CB 1", $49, CB 5”- 6” females, $190 ea.

Poecilotheria rufilata "Giant Slate Red Ornamental", World's largest-growing arboreal tarantula! Capable of 9"-10" leg spans! CB 2nd instar 1", $45 ea.

• Poecilotheria smithi "Yellow-backed Ornamental", Rarely offered size/gender of this species! CB 5" females, $190 ea.

• Poecilotheria vittata “Magam Tiger Ornamental", CB confirmed females 3”-4”, beautiful species! $150 ea.

• Psalmopoeus irminia "Sun Tiger", Jet black with lighting orange striping! Grows to 6". CB unsexed .75", $24

• Pterinopelma sazimai "Brazilian blue", CB unsexed .75" spiderling, $37, 6+@$35 ea.

• Stromatopelma calceatum "Feather Leg Baboon", venomous!!! (must be an adult and fill out a venomous form to purchase/inquire), fast/aggressive/"moderately" venomous. These lighting fast spiders are Satan's personal pets! This is NOT a beginner's species! WC unsexed juveniles to small sub-adults, $70 ea., 6+@$65 ea., confirmed female sub-adults $90 ea., 6+@$85 ea.

• Theraphosa stirmi "Burgundy Goliath Birdeater", WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $90 ea., 6+@$85 ea., WC confirmed sub-adult/adult FEMALES!, $150 ea.

Thrixopelma ockerti "Peru Flame Rump Tarantula", CB unsexed 3", rarely offered! $65

• Ybyrapora (ex-Avicularia) diversipes "Amazon Sapphire Pinktoe”, Beautiful! CB unsexed .5”-.75” spiderlings, $70 ea., 6+@$65 ea.


• Rhysida longipes "African Long-tailed Centipede", WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $22 ea., 6+@$20 ea.

• Scolopendra dehaani "Southeast Giant Asian Forest Centipede" (yellow-legged morph), WC unsexed large juveniles to young adults, $30 ea., 6+@$28 ea.

2 Scolopendra galapagoensis "Darwin's Goliath Centipede" (dark-colored morph), SUPER RARE! GROWS TO 12"+! Limited supply! Don't snooze on these! WC unsexed large juveniles to adults, $450

3 Scolopendra gigantea "white-legged morph" "Amazon Goliath Centipede", SUPER RARE! GROWS TO 12"+! Limited supply! Don't snooze on these! WC unsexed large juveniles to adults, $500

3 Scolopendra gigantea "robusta" or "orange-legged morph", SUPER RARE! GROWS TO 12"+! Limited supply! Don't snooze on these! WC unsexed large juveniles to adults, $400

Scolopendra heros “arizonensis”, VERY RARELY OFFERED! Grows to 8"! WC adults 5.75”-7”, $145 ea.

1 Scolopendra longipes (ex. S. alternans) “Florida Keys”, RARELY OFFERED! Grows to 7"! WC unsexed juveniles 1.5”-2”, $25


3.3 Centruroides gracilis "Florida Slender-Brown Bark Scorpion", WC SEXED sub-adults/adults, Sold as pairs only, $19 a pair, or take the 3.3 for $109!

0.2 Diplocentrus whitei "Texas Black Big Claw Scorpion", Rarely offered! WC adult females, $36 ea.

• Hadrurus a. arizonensis "Desert Hairy Scorpion", WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $30 ea., 6+@$28 ea.

• Hadrurus a. pallidus "BLOND Desert Hairy Scorpion", Rarely offered! WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $29 ea., 6+@$27 ea.

• Heterometerus sp. "Asian Giant Forest Scorpion", CR unsexed babies! $7 ea., WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $16 ea., 6+@$15 ea.

• Hottentotta hottentotta “Congo Bark Scorpion”, Rarely offered! Venomous! (Must be an adult to purchase and fill out our venomous form. Inquire). $19 ea., 6+@$17 ea.

• Pandinus imperator “Emperor Scorpion”, BACK after being practically out of the U.S. hobby for the last two years! Unsexed large juveniles to adults, $45 ea., 6+@$40 ea.

• Smeringurus mesaensis "Dune Scorpion", WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $20 ea., 6+@$18 ea.

0.2 Vaejovis carolinianus “Carolina Devil Scorpion”, adult females, $15 ea.


• Gecarcinus quadratus "Halloween Moon Crab", WC unsexed adult, $15 ea., 6+@$14 ea.


0.1 Cyclocosmia truncata "Ravine Trapdoor Spider", rarely offered! adult female, $125

11 Sphodros abbotti “Blue Purse Web”, RARELY OFFERED! Primitive spider that makes a “tube web” up the trunks of trees! 20+ CR 1/10” spiderlings (eating wingless fruit flies) $12 ea., 6+@11 ea., WC unsexed sub-adults/adults $25 ea.. 6+@$23 ea.

2 Ummidia audouini "Cork Lid Trapdoor Spider", rarely offered! unsexed sub-adults/adults, $45 ea.

1 Myrmekiaphila sp. "Wafer Lid Trapdoor Spider", rarely offered! unsexed adult, $45


100+ Argiope trifasciata “Banded Arigope”, Rarely offered as captive-raised! 1/10” spiderlings, you need wingless fruit flies/pinhead crickets to lodge in their webs for them to feed. Minimum order: six lot at $7, 12 lot/$6 ea., 25 lot/$5 ea., inquire for larger lot discounts.

Ctenus captious “Florida Wandering Spider”, RARELY OFFERED! Venomous! (require you to fill out our venomous form, must be an adult to purchase, inquire), WC unsexed sub-adults/adults, $25 ea.

• Dolomedes triton "Six Spotted Fishing Spiders”! WC unsexed juveniles to adults, Min. order: six lot. 6@$10 ea., 12+@$9 ea.

2 Hogna carolinensis, North America's largest-growing wolf spider species! Grows to near 3.5"! WC unsexed sub-adults/adults, $15 ea.

• Nephila clavipes "Florida Giant Golden-Silk Spider", Seasonally available: July - early December. WC unsexed sub-adults to adults, Min. order: six lot. 6@$10 ea., 12+@$9.50 ea

• Hogna lenta "Florida Field Wolf Spider", WC unsexed juveniles to adults, Min. order: six lot. 6@$9 ea., 12@$8.50 ea., 25@$8 ea., 50+@$7.50 ea.

Latrodectus bishopi "Red Widow", Rarely offered! Venomous (you must be an adult and fill out our venomous form/inquire), CB unsexed 1/10", $25 ea.

• Latrodectus geometricus “Brown Widow”, Venomous! Sold only to adults. Must submit a venomous form. Inquire. Min. order: six lot. 6@$12 ea., 12+@$11 ea.

• Latrodectus mactans “Southern Black Widow”, Venomous! Sold only to adults. Must submit a venomous form. Inquire. Min. order: six lot. 6@$15 ea., 12+@$14 ea.

Phidippus johnsoni "Red Back Jumper", Pretty! WC adult females (possibly gravid!)

• Phidippus regius Spider “Regal Jumping Spider”, WC unsexed juveniles to adults, Min. order: six lot. 6@$14 ea., 12@$13 ea., 25@$12 ea., 50+@$11 ea.

• Phoneutria boliviensis "Amazon Spotted Wandering Spider", SUPER RARE and highly venomous!!! (must be an adult and fill out a venomous form to purchase/inquire), WC unsexed large juveniles to sub-adults, $90 ea.


• Damon medius "Togo Giant Tailless Whipscorpion", WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $45


• Gehyra marginata “Halmahera giant gecko”, WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $70 ea., 6+@$65 ea.
• Goniurosaurus luii “Chinese Cave Geckos”, Rarely offered! CB unsexed babies, $90 ea., 6+@$85 ea.

• Crimson Giant Day Geckos (Phelsuma grandis), CB unsexed babies, $$70 ea., 6+@$65 ea.

• Uromastyx acanthinurus “Moroccan Uromastyx”, Rarely offered! CB unsexed babies/juveniles, $275
• Uromastyx ocellatus “Sudanese Cyan Uromastyx”,  VERY RARELY OFFERED! A personal favorite of ALL the Uromastyx species! CB unsexed sub-adults/adults $350 ea., 6+@$345 ea.


• Lampropeltis t. campbelli "Apricot Pueblan Milksnake", Very colorful! CB unsexed babies, $90 ea., 6+@$85 ea.

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