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Smith, A.M. & M.A. Jacobi. 2015. Revision of the genus Phormingochilus (Araneae, Theraphosidae,
 Ornithoctoninae) with the description of three new species from Sulawesi and Sarawak and notes on the placement of the genera Cyriopagopus, Lampropelma and Omothymus. Journal of the British Tarantula Society 30(3): 26-51.

Three new arboreal theraphosid spiders of the genus Phormingochilus Pocock, 1895 are here described from Sulawesi and Sarawak, Borneo: Phormingochilus carpenteri sp. nov., P. kirki sp. nov., and P. pennelhewletti sp. nov. The genus has been revised and historical species redescribed. The authors have also discussed the placement of the Ornithoctoninae genera Cyriopagopus Simon, 1887, Lampropelma Simon, 1892 and Omothymus Thorell, 1891 and, after an examination of the type material, concluded that Cyriopagopus is a senior synonym of the genus Haplopelma Simon, 1892 and that the genus Omothymus needs to be restored to house the arboreal Malaysian mainland species schioedtei (Thorell, 1891) and thorelli (Simon, 1901), which were formerly asssigned to the genus Cyriopagopus but have now been restored to their original placement. We have also concluded, on examination of the type material that the female of Lampropelma violaceopes Abraham, 1924 from Southern Malaysia should be removed from the genus Lampropelma (whose distibution at present, we believe to be limited to Lampropelma nigerrimum from Sangihe (Sangir) Island) and placed in the genus Omothymus, whereas the male, from Penang, is deemed to be a misidentified specimen of Cyriopagopus (Omothymus) schioedtei."
{Results of this paper: Omothymus schioedtei, Omothymus violaceopes, and all Haplopelma are Cyriopagopus....."}
NOTE: This paper has received some negative feedback, especially from German sources, and these changes may NOT stick. 

5/27/15: Lactrodectus mactans "Southern Black Widow" bites woman reaching into bag of grapes.

 Fishing Spiders found everywhere except Antarctica
 Man Pinched by Scorpion In Box Of Bananas At South Hills Wal-Mart

4/7/14: Yellow Sac Spiders force Car recall

3/8/14: Created special page on Latrodectus variolus "Northern Black Widow".

• KRONMÜLLER, C.: Review of the subspecies of Scolopendra subspinipes LEACH, 1815 with the new description of the South Chinese member of the genus Scolopendra LINNAEUS, 1758 named Scolopendra hainanum spec. nov. (Myriapoda, Chilopoda, Scolopendridae). The "Chinese Giant Tiger Leg" is finally described! 

Feb. 2014
• Paula, Felipe dos, Gabriel, Ray, Indicatti, Rafael P., Brescovit, Antonio D., Lucas, Sylvia M. On the Brazilian Amazonian species of Acanthoscurria (Araneae: Theraphosidae), ZOOLOGIA 31 (1): 63–80, February, 2014 

(ABSTRACT. In this study the Brazilian Amazonian species of Acanthoscurria Ausserer, 1871 are redescribed: A. geniculata (C.L. Koch, 1841), A. tarda Pocock, 1903, A. juruenicola Mello-Leitão, 1923, A. theraphosoides (Doleschall, 1871). Acanthoscurria simoensi Vol, 2000 and A. insubtilis Simon, 1892, previously known from French Guyana and Bolivia, respec- tively, are recorded for Brazil by the first time. The females of these two species are described for the first time and a new species, A. belterrensis sp. nov., is described from Belterra, Pará, Brazil. In addition, four synonymies are established: A. transamazonica Piza, 1972 as junior synonym of A. geniculataA. ferina Simon, 1892 and A. brocklehursti F.O.P.-Cambridge, 1896 of A. theraphosoides; and A. xinguensis Timotheo da Costa, 1960 of A. juruenicola. Acanthoscurria belterrensis sp. nov. resembles A. gomesiana Mello-Leitão, 1923 by the color pattern and structure of sexual organs. The male can be distin- guished by the less curved embolus and the very projected prolateral superior and prolateral inferior keels, giving a triangular aspect to the basis of embolus, and the female seminal receptacles presenting a larger and narrower basis.

KEY WORDS. Mygalomorphae; new species; taxonomy; Theraphosinae; spiders. )

7/28/13: Updated: Wish List page. Check out what we are looking for. Trades/Credit/Cash terms. Inquire.

* NEW price list page! Solifugids_

5/3/13: CITES bans exports of wild caught Emperor Scorpions from Benin and Togo 

Click HERE and HERE to read more about this suspension.
The result of this ban will be prices will go up on Pandinus imperator very soon and the need to captive-breed the species will significantly increase.

4/18/13: New species! Lyrognathus giannisposatoi
• Nunn, S.C. and West, R.C., 2013. "A New Species of Tarantula Spider in the Genus Lyrognathus Pocock 1895 (Araneae, Theraphosidae) from Sumatra". ISRN Zoology, Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 590809, 13 pages, Jan. 2013,

4/3/13: NEW special page on Scolopendra v. viridicornis 

• NEW SPECIES: Eupalaestrus larae "Argentina Zebra Beauty"
Nelson Ferretti; Jorge Barneche 2012. New Species of Eupalaestrus from Argentina (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Theraphosinae.) Iheringia, Ser. Zool. vol. 102 no. 3 Porto Alegre Sept. 2012.
{Very similar-looking to E. campestratus except this new species, E. larae, has a thickened leg 4 femur and tibia and two parallel longitudinal lines down the femur, patella and tibia of the legs. Also, this species was collected in the Chaco region of Northern Argentina v.s. the Chaco region of Paraguay where E. campestratus is collected from. Note: This species has not been made yet to the hobby as Argentina is closed to collecting/exporting currently.}

• NEW species! Poecilotheria rajaei "Mankulam Ornamental" (not made available yet for the hobby. For more info, click HERE. 

9/15/12: Rare spider found in Texas shuts down down $15M construction project

9/5/12: Scorpion sting leaves woman with HUGE bill

8/2/12: Venomous (medically significant species) page created

8/1/12: NEW Spider Exhibit at the AMNH, New York, NY
"Spiders Alive" July 28 - December 2, 2012. For more info, click HERE.

6/30/12: NEW price list page: Amphibian Price List

6/11/12: Sad day for millipede enthusiasts and arthropod keepers. Dr. Richard Hoffman died from a heart attack last night. See details at: Obituary of fellow hobbyists. 

6/7/12: NEW pageObituary of fellow hobbyists.

4/28/12: Updated WISH LIST. We are especially looking for Avicularia, Cyriocosmus, Phidippus spp. and various orbweaving spiders.

• NEW ebooklet on Mastigoproctus giganteus "Giant Vinegaroon"
(check out more species profiles on our ebooklet page.

3/22/12: UPDATED price lists !
• Reptiles

3/16/12: NEW! Repeat customer form. Shorter version with discounts for repeat customers!

3/14/12: NEW! By popular demand!NEW! By popular demand!
"Phidippus Genus of Jumping Spiders"  Ebooklet- Educational Series by Todd A. Gearheart. ONLY $5!. Order HERE.

2/20/12: NEW! Created a special page just for invertebrate researchers.

2/17/12: Updated the following pages:
 Cutting Edge Peek ,  Centipede Price List Land Crab Price List

2/2/8/12: NEW!
• price list page for "Giant South Pacific Centipedes"
• photo gallery page for "Giant South Pacific Centipedes"

1/2/12: NEW EBOOKLET: Grammostola porteri "Rose Hair"
• THE best species profile to date on this tarantula!
• ONLY $5!
Go to our ebooklet page for more info and to order.

12/11/11: Created the Gallery: Lizards page.

12/7/11: Created the Gallery: Peru Fauna and the Peru Fauna list pages.

11/28/11: WANTED: Scolopendra heros
Looking for the large centipede species, Scolopendra heros from rocky woodland in Arkansas, southern Missouri, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, and desert/scrub areas of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Collector needs to be 18 yrs. or older and understand that this species can give a painful bite and is found under logs and rocks where rattlesnakes may be. Cash paid! Email us privately to negotiate prices paid. Thanks.

See a pic for reference at:
• See other stock & items were are looking for at our Wish List page.

11/25/11: Created the Science Fair Projects page.

 Scolopendra galapagoensis "Darwin's Goliath Centipede"

11/2/11: NEWS VIDEO: Black Widow Season in Florida (video shows Latrodectus geometricus though)

10/20/11: NEWS STORY: Swiss customs bust smuggler with 261 Mexican Red Knee Tarantulas

10/16/11: Created the Barbados Fauna List and Gallery: Barbados Fauna pages.

10/13/11: October 2011 issue of Ranger Rick Magazine feature on Jumping Spiders (spiders were supplied by :)

10/5/11: Gallery: Arizona Fauna

10/4/11: Arizona Fauna List page

10/2/11: Deadly spiders invading houses in Florida

9/28/11: Deadly spider venom may be the key to a cure for chronic pain

9/27/11: NEW pages:
• Gallery: Publications
• Gallery: Movies
• Publications and Movies

 Cutting Edge PEEK

9/17/11: Check out our HALLOWEEN STORE !

8/29/11: NEW price list:
 Check out the Land Crab stock list

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8/20/11: NEW ebooklet! Species Profile: Avicularia metallica. ONLY $5! Order yours at our ebooklet page.

8/18/11: Check out our China Fauna list. Get your order in asap! This import is arriving in Sep.

8/17/11: One of Britain's rarest spiders is reintroduced at a nature reserve

8/7/11: Created the Madagascar Photo Gallery and Madagascar Fauna price listpages.

8/6/11: • NEW photo gallery: Florida Fauna
• NEW Ebooklet!
 Species Profile: Scolopendra polymorpha "SW American Tiger Centipede". ONLY $5! Click here to purchase!

8/4/11: Created the following pages:
Gallery: Eucratoscelus genus of tarantulas
 Gallery: Pelinobius genus of tarantulas
• Gallery: Pterinochilus genus of tarantulas
• Gallery: Babycurus genus of scorpions
• Gallery: Parabuthus genus of scorpions
 Gallery: Ctenolophus genus of trapdoor spiders
• Tanzania Fauna list & Photo gallery

 7/25/11: Created the "Spider Tutor" Consultation Service page and Scott Linstead's Photography page.

NEW! Ebooklet: Educational Series - Species Profile: Scolopendra s. dehaani "S.E. Asian Forest Centipede" written by Todd A. Gearheart. ONLY $5! Go to out ebooklet page to order.

7/22/11: News story: Man Possibly Killed by 19 Black Widow Bites

7/14/11: Updated and added new sales to the SPECIAL SALES page.

NEW! Ebooklet: Species Profile - Scolopendra gigantea "Goliath Centipede" by Todd A. Gearheart. ONLY $5! Get yours at our ebooklet page.

7/4/11: Created the IAS (International Arthropod Symposium) page.

Now offering Supplies. Go to that page to order ice and heat packs, insulated shipping boxes, shipping tape, deli cups and lids and cloth bags.

7/2/11: Created the Reptiles Price List page.

7/1/11: Updated the Supplemental Price Lists page

6/29/11: Created the Sales Associate Program page.

6/24/11: Created the Orderlng FAQs page.

6/17/11: Updated Retail terms and order form pages. Please read these two pages.

6/10/11: Created the Egyptian Fauna list

6/8/11: Created the Chameleon Price list page

6/6/11: Created the Pamphobeteus nigricolor "Blue Bloom" photo gallery.

6/3/11: Created our Salamander Price List page

6/2/11: NEW ebooklet! "The Legal Guide to the American Tarantula & Other Invertebrates-keeping Hobby"

The largest fossil spider uncovered to date once ensnared prey back in the age of dinosaurs, scientists find. (Nephila jurassica). Originally reported 4/19/11. View the article HERE.

Researchers from the United States and Slovenia have discovered a new, giant Nephila species (golden orb weaver spider) from Africa and Madagascar (Nephila komaci). Originally published 10/21/09. View the article HERE.

5/17/11: Tarantulas shoot silk out for a "safety net" from their FEET!

5/16/11: A German Tarantula Breeder, Sven Koppler, was sentenced today for smuggling tarantulas into the U.S. See new stories about this below:

• news story #1
• news story #2
• news story #3

> See a discussion about this significant event in the InvertaForum.

5/15/11: Created the V.I.P. membership page Alabama and Kansas fauna price lists. Also, created the Chile Import list page and the Feeders price list.

5/12/11: Created the Florida fauna price  List.

5/10/11: Added hit counters and Goggle Custom Search buttons to several pages. Created the page Black-listed.

 News story: Brown Recluse Spider: Range Could Expand in N. America With Changing Climate 

4/22/11: News story: Jurassic Spider from China Is Largest Fossil Specimen Discovered 

*** Attention: Canadian residents/customers. See the following link to a company that can assist in working with us to get your stock imported into Canada legally. We can adjust our export fee significantly if you use their service. Read:

4/17/11: Added the Amblypigid ("Tailless Whipscorpion") price list page.

4/16/11: Added the Centipedes Price List page

4/15/11: Added the Special Sales list to our products page. It features a quick checkout shopping cart.

4/14/11: Added the Nicaragua Invertebrates picture links page in anticipation of our import from there in late 2011.

4/12/11: Added a new page: Species Lists

4/1/11: Launched "INVERTA FORUM". Register, become a member and participate in the new invert community forum. 

3/24/11: Created our new page: Ebookets

3/15/11: In the NEWS: 
Phoneutria nigriventer "Brazilian Wandering Spider" venom research article

3/13/11: AnnouncementsMILITARY DISCOUNT. Showing our respect and thanks for those currently in the U.S. military and for U.S. military veterans, we offer 10% off animal stock and/or dry goods and services for current military members and veterans. (valid mil. I.D. card and/or DD214 or dept. of Veterans I.D. card copy for proof required.) Note: Discount is effective for NEW orders as of 3/13/11. We will not back date the discount if you fail to remind us that you qualify and don't submit proof that you qualify at the time of your new order.

K12 TEACHER'S DISCOUNT. Showing our respect and thanks for K12 teachers that have been hurt by school budget cuts and are trying to teach children about invertebrates and reptiles, we offer a 10% off animal stock, and/or dry goods and services. Proof of school employment required. Note: Discount effective for NEW orders as of 3/13/11. We will not back date the discount if you fail to remind us that you qualify and don't submit proof that you qualify at the time of your new order.

3/11/11: Added the Maraca genus of tarantulas, the  Phidippus genus of jumping spiders and Scolopendra polymorpha photo galleries.

3/8/11: Added two photo galleries. Green Tree Pythons and Chameleons.

In the news: "Brazilian Spider May Become Next Viagra" and 

"Cuban Scorpions May Cure Cancer".

3/5/11: Weekly Invertebrate and Reptile Price Lists updated today!

2/24/11: * Added the Exotic Land Crabs and Insects Photo Galleries

* Added the Avicularia genus of Tarantulas Photo Gallery
In the NEWS:  Leapin' Lizards: Smugglers Flocking to U.S. bringing Endangered Species

2/12/11: Added the Anole Photo Gallery.

2/7/11: We added the Scolopnedra gigantea photo gallery.

2/6/11: We added the following photo galleries to our site:
Tailless Whip Scorpions Photo Gallery
Whip Scorpions "vinegaroons" Photo Gallery
Millipedes Photo Gallery

2/5/11: Photo gallery and Species Profile for the rare tarantula Pamphobeteus insignis "Colombian Purple Bloom" is uploaded into the galleries at View by clicking here.

1/27/11  Cops: Man Arrested For Smuggling Cockroaches
 - This is just another example of why FL hobbyists need to know what species of roaches are native to FL  to feed to their inverts and reptiles, and which ones they can't buy/sell/breed/acquire. It's o.k. to keep the discoids, but not the dubia, hissers, lobsters and orange-spotted. A lot of reptile keepers are feeding monitors, tegus and bearded dragons dubia and hissers. IF in FL, feed them off and only keep discoids. Don't order these online and have them shipped to FL. Only keep discoids and other native FL roach species.

1/27/11 "INSIDER NEWS!" Scolopendra gigantea will finally be made available!  Export permits are slated to be issued Aug. '11.   This is THE no. 1 centipede wanted by pede hobbyists around the world. If you want to be notified of the developing news about this amazing monster, go to our products page and fill out the "place an order" part. Put in the comments. "Reservation for S. gigantea". These will not be cheap. Budget accordingly. :)

1/19/11 Sven Koppler pleads guilty in Spider Smuggling case

1/10/11 World Spider Catalog updated! 
Version 11.5

Man accused of smuggling Spiders in the U.S. via the postal mail
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