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Ordering FAQs

Ordering Frequently Asked Questions
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Why is their a $20 minimum purchase?

To make it cost-time-labor effective to both the customer and shipper.  $20 is a very low minimum. Shipping + packing/handling costs are going to run you $30+. It makes no sense to order a $10 critter with that in mind. To get the best bang for your buck, order in bulk and order stock that is 2x the shipping costs at a minimum.

I can't afford the $20 min. purchase + shipping costs. Is there any exceptions? What can I do to afford receiving a shipment?

If you can't afford a $20 purchase plus shipping costs, you probably can't afford adequate housing and care for your wanted wildlife. Seriously consider the costs of keeping your new pet/display animal.

 If you can't make the $20 minimum order, consider going in with the following people/groups/organizations to make the $20 minimum order and/or split shipping costs:
• your local friend(s) in the hobby
• your local pet store
• your local nature center, science museum or zoo
• your high school biology class, club or zoology club

Why is the shipping rates different based on my time zone area?

The shipping rates posted on our order form are the lowest rates available. From Florida, customers in the geographical area in the Eastern Time Zone get the lowest rate, but Florida to say California in the Pacific Time zone geographical area represents significantly more distance for a shipping carrier. will incur costs to transport a box.

Why is their a minimum purchase of $200 for species on the venomous page?

Due to venomous/medically significant species having to be shipped via Delta Dash. That cost is $112+ depending on the size/weight of the box. To make it worth the cost and travel costs to the airport, you need to make a minimum purchase of $200 in stock.