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Peru allows exports of their wildlife periodically with limited quotas on select species with small lots of 15 to no more than 60 of any one species.

Unlike other importers, often reptile importers, we specialize in invertebrates. That means proper identification, often correct sexing and quality invertebrates and select lizards are provided.

Note 1: Availability changes frequently and prices are subject to change as well. (After submitting your order, we will confirm current pricing).

Note 2: F
or researchers and wholesale companies wanting bulk pricing in 12, 25 and 50 lots, the minimum stock purchase is $2,000 of live stock to bring in a select import for you. 
Inquire for more information.

Note 3: Concerning sexing, we do not guarantee sexing on purchases of scorpions. Buying in bulk, 6+ will give us the numbers to try to get you different sexing. Do not ask unless buying a six lot more more. Centipedes, true spiders and solifugids are always sold as unsexed. Tarantulas can be sexed if sub-adult or larger. Note different pricing for that service on the individual species.

Note 4: This country has some highly venomous/medically significant true spiders such as wandering and widow spiders. You will need to be an adult and fill out our venomous form to purchase them. They are mainly meant for researchers. Advanced hobbyists with sincere research projects may qualify. Inquire.

Any questions, inquire. Order by clicking here.

*** IF you do not see prices listed, the stock is found in Peru, but has not been made available as of yet for export.


•  Acanthoscurria ferina “Amazon Rusty”, WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $70, 6+@$65 ea., adult females, $80, 6+@$75 ea.

• Ami sp. "yumpanqui" "Peruvian Dwarf Black Leg", Rarely made available! WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $75, 6+@$70 ea.

Avicularia sp. "Madre De Dios, Peru",

Avicularia sp. "Peruvian Red Pinktoe", Extremely rare! 1st time available for U.S. hobbyists Feb. 2013! Beautiful species! WC juvenile females $225, 6@$220 ea., adult females $250, 6+@$245 ea.

Avicularia sp. "Peruvian Highland Pinktoe Beauty", Extremely rare! 1st time available for U.S. hobbyists for 2013! Beautiful species! Very colorful! WC unsexed juveniles $125, 6+@$120 ea. confirmed sub-adult females, $145, 6+@$140 ea., adult females, $195, 6+@$190 ea.

Avicularia sp. "Peruvian Purple Pinktoe",  RARE! Very beautiful & grows to 6.75"+, WC unsexed juveniles, $85, 6+@$80 ea., confirmed sub-adult females, $125, 6+@$120 ea., adult females, $145, 6+@$140 ea.

Avicularia ancylochria "Peruvian Tiger Beauty Pinktoe", Super RARE! 1st-time U.S. import in 2013! WC unsexed juveniles $145 ea., confirmed sub-adult/adult females $195,

• Avicularia aurantiaca "Yellow-Banded Pinktoe"
, Rarely made available, Grows to 6.25"+!, WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $155 ea.,, confirmed female sub-adults/adults, $175 ea..

Avicularia hirshii "Amazon Black-striped Red Pinktoe", Super RARE!!! Very beautiful! For the most serious of Avicularia collectors. WC unsexed juveniles, $195, confirmed sub-adult females $225, adult females $250

Avicularia jurensis "Amazon Aphrodite Pinktoe", Super RARE! Similar-looking to A. aurantiaca, but slightly larger and the leg bands are brighter and the carapace is whiteish-greenish. WC unsexed juveniles, $155 ea., confirmed sub-adult/adult females, $175 ea,

Avicularia urticans “Peruvian Giant Pinktoe”
, WC unsexed juveniles, $85, 6+@$80 ea., confirmed female sub-adults/adults, $95, 6+@$90 ea.
Note: This species has several color morphs/geographic variants. We will determine this for you upon import. There is a very large-growing species typical of the species, a green femur morph and some other morphs as well.

Cyrioscomus bertae "Rio Branco Dwarf"
, WC unsexed juvs/sub-adults $70, 6+@$65 ea., adult females, $80, 6+@$75 ea.

Cyriocosmus ritae "Peruvian Dwarf Black & White", Rarely offered! Beautiful! 
WC unsexed juvs/sub-adults $85, 6+@$80 ea., adult females, $99, 6+@$94 ea.

•  Cyrioscomus sellatus “Peruvian Dwarf Orange & Black”, WC unsexed juvs/sub-adults $75, 6+@$70 ea., adult females, $85, 6+@$80 ea.

Euathlus sp. "Peruvian Ghost",

Holothele sp. "Northeast Peru",
Rare! WC unsexed juveniles, $45 ea., 6+$43 ea., mature males, $55 ea., confirmed sub-adult/adult females $75 ea.

Maraca cabocla "Amazonian Redhead", Rarely made available! Rumored to possess a stronger venom than other tarantulas. Pretty post-molt! Unsexed juveniles to sub-adults, $35, 6+@$32 ea., confirmed female sub-adults/adults, $55, 6+@$50 ea.

Megaphobema velvetosoma "Ecuadorian Brown Velvet"
, WC unsexed juveniles, $95, 6+@$90 ea., sub-adult females $125, 6+@$120 ea., adult females, $145, 6+@$140 ea.

Pamphobeteus verspertinus "Red Bloom", Super rare! WC adult females $225ea.

Pamphobetus grandis "Iquitos Giant Black Birdeater"
, (still sold in error as P. "antinous" by many), WC unsexed juveniles, $95, 6+@$90 ea.,sub-adult females, $125, 6+@$120 ea., adult females $145, 6+@$140 ea.

Pamphobeteus petersi "Peruvian Backfire" ,
  WC unsexed juveniles, $95, 6+@$90 ea., sub-adult females, $125, 6+@$120 ea., adult females $145, 6+@$140 ea.

Plesiopelma sp. "Peruvian Bronze Valentine", Super RARE! 1st-time in the U.S. hobby in 2013! "Heart-shaped" marking on the abdomen similar to C. sellatus, but a slightly larger species. CB unsexed .15" to .25" spiderlings, $35, 6+@$33 ea., WC unsexed juveniles, $75, confirmed sub-adult/adult females, $95

Sickius longibulbi "Peuvian Orange", Super RARE! 1st-time seen in the U.S. in 2013! Small species that is overall dark, light orange carapace, shimmerling abdomen. Unique. Lacks urticating hairs!  WC adult female $75

Tapinauchenius sp. "Peru",

Tapinauchenius sp. "NE Peruvian Grey Velvet",
Super RARE! 1st-time U.S. import 2013! Neat-looking arobreal. WC adult female $125

Tapinauchenius elanae "Peruvian Golden Pink Tree Spider", Very rare! Beautiful arboreal! WC adult female $225

Thrixoopelma cyaneolum "Peruvian Dwarf Blue",

Thrixopelma lagunas "Peruvian Blue Femur".

Thrixopelma ockerti "Peruvian Pink Rump"
, WC unsexed juvs/sub-adults, $85, 6+@$80 ea., sub-adult females $95, 6+@$90 ea., adult females $125, 6+@$120 ea.


• Tityus asthenes "Amazon Black Devil", WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $65, 6+@$60 ea.

Other scorpions found in Peru, but not made available for export yet:
•  Bothriurus bocki
• Brachistosternus andinus
• Brachistosternus castroi
• Brachistosternus ehrenbergii
• Brachistosternus holmbergi
• Brachistosternus ninapo
• Brachistosternus peruvianus
• Brachistosternus quiscapata
• Brachistosternus titicaca
• Brachistosternus turpuq
• Brachistosternus weijenberghi
• Orobothriurus atiquipa
• Orobothriurus curvidigitus
• Orobothriurus lourencoi
• Orobothriurus paessleri
• Orobothriurus parvus
• Orobothriurus wawita
• Pachakutej crassimanus
• Pachakutej inca
• Pachakutej iskay
• Pachakutej juchuicha
• Pachakutej peruvianus
• Pachakutej oscari
• Centruroides exsul ?
• Centruroides margaritatus margaritatus ?
• Isometrus maculatus
• Caraboctonus keyserlingi
• Hadruroides aguilari
• Hadruroides carinatus
•  Hadruroides charcasus
• Hadruroides leopardus
• Hadruroides lunatus
• Hadruroides maculatus
•  Hadruroides mauryi
• Teuthraustes amazonicus
•  Teuthraustes glaber
•  Chactopsis insignis
•  Opisthacanthus weyrauchi


•  Family Otostigmidae "Peruvian Forest Centipedes" (unknonwn genus/species), 1st-time ever seen in the U.S. 2013! WC unsexed juveniles to adults (usually 1"-2.75", $35, 6+@$30 ea.

• Family Scolopocryptopidae "Peruvian Forest Centipedes" (unknonwn genus/species), WC unsexed juveniles to adults (usually 1"-2.75", $35, 6+@$30 ea.

• Family Scutigeridae

Parotostigmus rex "Amazon Yellow-legged ", WC juvs to adults, $65, 6+@$60 ea.

Rhysida celeris andina "Amazon Sky Blue ", WC juvs to adults, $85, 6+@$83 ea.

• Scolopendra angulata explorans

Scolopendra galapagoensis "Darwin's Goliath Centipede"

Scolopendra gigantea "Goliath Centipede"

Scolopendra hermosa "Peruvian Black-headed Centipede", WC unsexed sub-adult/adult, $85, 6+@$83 ea.

Scolopendra viridicornis nigra "Amazon Giant Jungle Black Centipede"

Scolopendra viridicornis viridicornis "Amazon Giant Tricolor Beauty"

Venezuelides hasei "Amazon Giant Soil Centipede", (photo credit: Paul Bollinger. He went the extra mile and acquired malaria getting this pic. :) WC unsexed sub-adult/adult, $75, 6+@$73 ea.


Orb Weavers:

Wolf spiders -  list coming soon!

Jumping spiders (Family Salticidae)
  "Jewel Jumping Spider"

Huntsman spiders (Family Sparassidae)
• Olios spp.


• Family Ctenizidae "Trap door spiders"
• Family Atypidae "Purse Web Spiders"
• Family Agelenidae "Funnel Web Spiders"
   • Linothele sp. "Peruvian Copper Top"

• Heterphyrnus spp.
• Heterophrynus batesii
Heterophrnus elaphus
Heterophynus longicornis

LIZARDS: (WC, unsexed unless noted otherwise. Buy in at least three lots for different sexing.)

Anolis transversalis , WC unsexed juvs to adults, $____

Anoles bombiceps "Blue-Lipped Forest Anole", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $_____

Dracaena guianensis "Northern Amazon Caiman Lizard", CB unsexed juvs to adults, minimum order with valid CITES II permits: Minimum order: 6 lot. 6@$450 ea. = $2,700, 12@$425 ea., = $2,5550

Enyalioides laticeps "Amazon Dwarf Iguana", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $___

Gonatodes concinatus "Peruvian Collard Forest Gecko", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $____

Polychrus marmoratus "Many-colored Bush Anole", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $____

Stenocercus fimbriatus "Peru Leaf Lizard", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $___

Uracentron flaviceps "Green Thornytail Iguana", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $____

* VENOMOUS SPECIES: For  venomous (medically significant)  invertebrates go to our venomous species page.