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Presentations/Programs's Todd Gearheart the "real Spiderman" conducts special presentations on many different topics related to invertebrates, reptiles and Florida's native fauna and habitats. He is recognized as an expert in these subjects with almost three decades experience. He specializes in curing those with "Arachnophobia" and has been called "The Walking Encyclopedia" by many attending his presentations.

Target audiences:

• Invertebrate, Reptile and other Wildlife clubs
• Zoos, nature centers and science museums
• Elementary, Middle and High Schools, colleges and universities
• Festivals and Pet Expos
• Senior Homes
• Libraries
• Private Parties
• People with Special Needs
• Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
• Morning talk show TV and late night TV appearances
• Talk Radio

Presentations can be conducted for 60 to 90 minutes. Half-day to full-day booking can be made also for special events for your organization. All presentations are conducted in a professional and safe manner. Any medically significant or dangerous animals are housed in secure cages and are not allowed to  be touched by the audience. Medically insignificant and/or docile animals are allowed to be touched in a supervised manner though.

Use the contact form below to let us know what dates, where, how many people and what your needs are and we will contact you to discuss pricing, schedule and details of what we can do. Thanks.

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