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Price List: Centipedes

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Centipedes are fast, aggressive, can bite painfully and some species are medically significant.  They are also "escape artists" and need special enclosures for that reason. They should only be kept by adults that will respect these creatures ability to escape, bite and the quickness and agility.

** See photos of centipedes at our CENTIPEDE PHOTO GALLERY.

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Ethmostigmus trigonopodus "E. African Blue-Ringed Centipede"WC unsexed juveniles to adults  $35, 6+@$33 ea.

Ethmostigmus trigonopodus “East African Yellow-legged Centipede”, WC unsexed juveniles to adults  $35, 6+@$33 ea.

Parotostigmus rex "Amazon Yellow-legged Centipede,
WC juvs to adults, $75, 6+@$73 ea.

Rhysida longipes “Redtail Olive Centipede”, WC unsexed juveniles to adults $15, 6+@$13 ea.

Scolopendra alternans "FL Keys Centipede",WC juveniles $25, 6+@$23, sub-adults/young adults $35, 6+@$33 ea.

Scolopendra alternans “Haitian Giant Centipede”, WC unsexed juveniles, $25, 6+@$23 ea., sub-adults/adults, $35, 6+@$33 ea.

Scolopendra galapagoensis "Darwin's Goliath Centipede"

Scolopendra gigantea (largest centipede in the world!)

Scolopendra hardwickei "Indian Giant Tiger Centipede"

• Scolopendra mortisans "Egyptian Desert", WC unsexed juveniles to adults, $

Scolopendra mortisans "Tanz. Black-headed Centipede", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $32, 6+@$30 ea.

Scolopendra mortisans "Tanz. Red-headed Centipede", WC unsexed juvs to adults, $32, 6+@$30 ea.

Scolopendra polymorpha "SW American Tiger Centipede", WC unsexed juvenile to adult, $19, 6+@$17 ea.

Scolopendra s. dehaani “SE Asian Giant Forest Centipede” (yellow-legged morph), WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults/young adults 3”-6”, $29, 6+@$26 ea., 7"-8.5" $45

Scolopendra s. dehaani "Thai Giant Flame-tipped Legs", WC unsexed juvs/small sub-adults, $75, large sub-adults/adults, $95

Scolopendra subspinipes dehaani "Yunnan Tricolor Death Crawler"

Scolopendra s. mutilans "Chinese Red Head" (yellow-legged morph), WC unsexed juveniles to young adults 3"-4.5", $29, 6@$27 ea.

Scolopendra s. mutilans "Chinese Red Head" (orange-legged morph), WC unsexed juveniles to young adults 3"-4.5", $32, 6@$30 ea.

Scolopendra s. subspinipes "Giant South Pacific Centipede", RARELY available! Grows to 7.5" with reports of 9"+ monsters, CB unsexed babies .75" to 1.75": $25, 6+@$23 ea., juveniles/young sub-adults 2" to 4.75": $45, 6+@$43 ea., large adults (5"+): $65, 6+@$63 ea.

Scolopendra valida "Socotra Giant Centipede (red-legged form)

Scolopendra valida "balfouri" - Socotra Giant Centipede (black-legged form). See a video of this species here.

Scolopendra viridicornis nigra "Amazon Giant Jungle Black Centipede"

Scolopendra viridicornis viridicornis "Amazon Giant Tricolor Beauty"

Scolopendra viridis “Florida  Blue Centipede”, WC unsexed large juveniles to adults, $20, 6+@$18 ea.

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