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*** Note: Stock availability and quantities can change at anytime. Prices are subject to change too with different shipments/imports from suppliers. Submit your ideal order below and we will confirm availability and communicate back with you.

*** Minimum order for "live" stock: 
$50 (not including shipping costs)
No minimum order for dry goods, publications, movies or deadstock (preserved)

* IMPORTANT: You must use a desktop computer to fill out and submit this order form. Don't use a cell phone/Ipad/tablet. 

First Name:
Last Name:
 Organization ( if applicable for billing purposes):  
Check ONLY 1 box that applies:
 My shipping address & phone has not changed since my last order (NOTE:  IMPORTANT: Due to changes in the live animal shipping rules, your shipment must go to a business address OR be held at your local FedEX ship center. IF you want the shipment to go to your local Fedex for pickup, just put in "FedEx" in the comments below and we will email you the address).

My shipping address and/or phone # HAS changed. (provide your NEW address/phone # below):
 SHIPPING (business OR Fedex ONLY) address/phone #::  
 Items you want to order (qty., genus, species, common name, sex if applicable)::  
Repeat customer qualifying discounts:
$250 to $349 order = 5% discount off item prices
$350 to $499 order = 7.5% discount off item prices
$500+ order = 10% discount off item prices
(Also, keep in mind that often stock is discounted when buying 6 or more of any one species)
 Dry goods shipping options/costs:
 Media Mail: $5 (for books, magazine, CDs, delivery in 7-12 days)
Priority Mai: $6 to $12 (delivery in 3 to 7 days)
 Live Wildlife shipping costs/options for species non-venomous /not medically significant
Next day shipping (FL $30+, Eastern Time zone: $55+, Midwest: $58+, Mountain time zone: $60+, Pacific Time zone: $62+) Live arrival guaranteed.

2nd day service (Flat rate of $25 for small/med. boxes ONLY. IF the order is large and the box will weigh over 3 lbs. and/ or the box needs to be larger than 12" any side, we will determine the exact costs). NO live arrival guarantee. Not recommended, but can work during fall/spring season.

* Note: The cost above are based on a small order in which the box is under 6"x6"x6" and 3 lbs. The size/weight of your shipment will increase the costs. We will determine this for you.
 Shipping cost for venomous / medically significant wildlife:
Delta Dash $112+
* Minimum order: $200 (not counting shipping cost) for venomous species.
(Reference our venomous species page to determine if you need to use this shipping method.)
  Export order: For customers living outside the U.S.A. This is an export order
• Minimum export order: $1,000 in live stock/dry goods.
 • Export box fee: $30 • Export fee: $295
 • Estimated air cargo cost:  ( $200+ to Canada & Mexico. $500+ for Europe, U.K., and $625+ Asia)
• IF your live stock order is over $2,000, a broker fee of $200 will be incurred.
Desired Receive Date:
1) If you will pay for your order on a F, Sat, Su, select the upcoming W, Th, F
2) If you will pay for your order on a M-Th, select the following week's W, Th. F
NOTE: Field-collected stock can takes 2+ weeks and temps below 40F or higher than 90F can delay a ship date.

Exports take 4-6+ weeks to ship.

  Reference FL Arthropod Permit on-file
  Reference venomous form on-file
  Apply V.I.P. discount (Not a V.I.P. member? Sign up HERE
  I have read & agree to your terms of service.

Thank you for your order. After you click the submit button below, we will receive it as an email and contact you with availability confirmation, the total cost of your order and payment instructions usually within 48 hours or less.
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