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S. v. viridicornis

Scolopendra viridicornis viridicornis
"Amazon Giant Tri-Colored Centipede"

This is one of the larger centipedes known in the hobby. It averages 7" to 9" with some reports putting them 10". The species originates from the Amazon regions of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil.

We expect this species to be made available from the Peruvian Amazon region in late 2013, so there exists the chance for serious investors and breeders to get this species established with captive-born stock in the near future. We encourage those trying to order in six or more lots of mixed sizes and hopefully mixed sexing.

For venom researchers, past studies on the venom of this species has shown some very exciting results. This makes this species even more valuable to researchers wanting to study it's venom in-depth. See pics below of this big, rare and colorful centipede.  Prices varies depending on sizes, qty. exported, etc., but they are top of the market. Budget accordingly.