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S. Pacific Centipede

Scolopendra subspinipes subspinipes (Leach 1815)
"Giant South Pacific Centipede"

This large centipede is found in the Caribbean, South Pacific, SE Asia and Africa in warm and humid areas. It is a beautiful species with it's typical color form of a rich, mahogany body with legs that start out reddish-orange and can taper to a greenish-yellow or even blueish-green. Maximum length: 7.5", but there are reports from some South Pacific forms of 9" lengths. The "Giant South Pacific" form tends to have the red upper legs and greenish-yellow lower leg color and rich mahogany body color. Older adults can exhibit a red mahogany body color and some older individuals premolt can have a very dark body being almost black.

Babies have a yellow body color with black bands and beautiful neon blue legs, head antenna and terminal legs. Juveniles are amazing-looking around 2"-2.5" as they morph into the adult coloration sporting a rich mahogany body with neon blue leg coloration. Around 2.75"-3", they morph into the reddish-orange/greenish-yellow leg color.

We specialize in this species and think it is a very beautiful and contrasting species of great interest to hobbyists, zoos and photographers and also researchers due to its toxic venom.

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NOTE: Unless already in-stock, we only supply this species via special order with a minimum order of a 25 lot of juveniles to adults. Inquire before ordering.


.75" to 1.75" babies "pedelings" :  $25, 6+@23 ea.
2" to 4.75" juveniles/sub-adults : $45, 6+@$43 ea.
5+" adults (RARELY OFFERED) : $65, 6+@$63 ea.
( * Very rarely, we have some monster individuals over 6.5" for sale. Inquire.)