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Every school year, K-12 students conduct science fair projects nationwide. So of the most fascinating science experiments have been with spiders and other invertebrates. The most popular studies and species used are listed below:

Behavior studies. Any spider, other invertebrate or reptile species can be used.

Burrowing species studies using wolf spiders. Hogna lenta "FL Field Wolf Spider" is the no. 1 species used.

Hunting strategy projects using jumping, green lynx and huntsman spiders. Phidippus regius "Regal Jumping Spider"  and Peucetia viridans  "Green Lynx Spider" are the two main species used.

Image defocus studies: Jumping spiders and possibly huntsman spiders are excellent candidates for these studies. See a video example of this HERE.

Intelligence studies. Jumping spiders are some of the most intelligent of all spiders. The no. 1 species used is Phidippus regius "Regal Jumping Spider". Also consider select reptiles.

Prey Capture studies. Any species of spiders, other invertebrates or reptiles can be used. Hunting spiders like jumping, huntsman and green lynx are good choices.

Spider web projects using large orb weaver spiders. Species typically used:  Nephila clavipes "FL Giant Golden Silk Spider", Argiope aurantia "Black & Yellow Argiope Spider and Neoscona domiciliorum   "Spotted Orb Weaver".

Venom studies (only to be ordered and supervised by your high school's biology teacher). Species used: Latrodectus geometricus "Brown Widow" and Latrodectus mactans "Southern Black Widow".

Vision study projects using jumping and huntsman spiders. Phidippus regius "Regal Jumping Spider" and Heteropoda venatoria "FL Giant Huntsman Spider" are the two main species used.

You can get more information on the species suggested above at our Florida Fauna list page and our price list page. To order, your parent(s), guardian and/or science/biology teacher must order for you by clicking on the button below.

Here at we can assist you with captive-care and recommended caging, feeding, hydrating and requirements and advise you how to succeed with your science fair project.