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Scolopendra galapagoensis

Scolopendra galapagoensis
"Darwin's Goliath Centipede"

This is one of the largest centipedes on earth. S. gigantea gets more press, but researchers and hobbyists have reported this species to achieve lengths of 10" to 12" with a report of one specimen getting 16". The species originates from South America. Many think the "dark morph" of S. galapagoensis = S. gigantea "black morph" and has a wider range around the coast of Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Margarita Island and the ABC islands. The species has been made available in very small numbers from Peru and is still one of the rarest centipedes in the hobby.

• There seems to be three color morphs of this species so far:

- Dark morph: Found in Margarita Island, Trinidad, ABC islands, Arbua,  North Venezuela, Western Ecuador and Colombia, and NW Peru. If this is what hobbyists called the S. gigantea "black morph", the range is larger around the coast of NE South America and some islands offshore. In Europe, a batch of these from Ecuador was called "Black robusta". Greenish-black & yellowish-orange striped legs and a dark blackish body.

- Orange morph: Orangeish-red body color and pale yellow legs (called in error Scolopendra gigantea "robusta" in the late 1990s.)

- Red & Black-legged morph: extremely rare. Found in the offshore islands of Peru and Ecuador.

 Dark Morph
 Dark body, striped legs  Grows to 12"+
 Typical import size 3"-7"
 Orange Morph
 Light, orange body, orangeish-yellow legs Grows to 12"+ 
 Typical import size 3"-7" 
 Red & Black Morph
 Black body with dark red legs Grows to 12"+ 
 Not available yet

• These are one of the rarest centipede species in the hobby. This species is one of the most impressive centipedes you can ever own. Limited numbers are made available, so get your order in today!  To order, click HERE.