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Scolopendra hardwickei

Scolopendra hardwickei (Newport, 1844)
"Indian Giant Tiger Centipede"

This is one of the most beautiful centipedes of the world. When pictures were first posted of this amazing species, many believed the pics were faked with a graphics program. As more pics were made available, the centipede hobby was fascinated with the bright and vivid colors of the large centipede. They are know to grow to 8.75" with reports of them exceeding 10".

* WARNING*: Do NOT buy this species larger than 4" and/or known as wild-caught from any seller(s). For legal S. hardwicki, they should be captive-born babies/juveniles with proper documentation of their legal import.

* has a reservation for a limited number (less than 25) of CB babies "pedelings" in for the summer of 2014 to be made available for U.S. hobbyists in a legal import of this beautiful species. Pricing will be pubished on our new arrivals page with sizes when made available.

Let us know your interest by filling out an order form by clicking
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Scolopendra hardwicki in southern India

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