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Smith, A.M. & M.A. Jacobi. 2015. Revision of the genus Phormingochilus (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Ornithoctoninae) with the description of three new species from Sulawesi and Sarawak and notes on the placement of the genera Cyriopagopus, Lampropelma and Omothymus. Journal of the British Tarantula Society 30(3): 26-51.

Three new arboreal theraphosid spiders of the genus Phormingochilus Pocock, 1895 are here described from Sulawesi and Sarawak, Borneo: Phormingochilus carpenteri sp. nov., P. kirki sp. nov., and P. pennelhewletti sp. nov. The genus has been revised and historical species redescribed. The authors have also discussed the placement of the Ornithoctoninae genera Cyriopagopus Simon, 1887, Lampropelma Simon, 1892 and Omothymus Thorell, 1891 and, after an examination of the type material, concluded that Cyriopagopus is a senior synonym of the genus Haplopelma Simon, 1892 and that the genus Omothymus needs to be restored to house the arboreal Malaysian mainland species schioedtei (Thorell, 1891) and thorelli (Simon, 1901), which were formerly asssigned to the genus Cyriopagopus but have now been restored to their original placement. We have also concluded, on examination of the type material that the female of Lampropelma violaceopes Abraham, 1924 from Southern Malaysia should be removed from the genus Lampropelma (whose distibution at present, we believe to be limited to Lampropelma nigerrimum from Sangihe (Sangir) Island) and placed in the genus Omothymus, whereas the male, from Penang, is deemed to be a misidentified specimen of Cyriopagopus (Omothymus) schioedtei."
{Results of this paper: Omothymus schioedtei, Omothymus violaceopes, and all Haplopelma are Cyriopagopus....."}
NOTE: This paper has received some negative feedback, especially from German sources, and these changes may NOT stick. 


• Paula, Felipe dos, Gabriel, Ray, Indicatti, Rafael P., Brescovit, Antonio D., Lucas, Sylvia M. On the Brazilian Amazonian species of Acanthoscurria (Araneae: Theraphosidae), ZOOLOGIA 31 (1): 63–80, February, 2014 

(ABSTRACT. In this study the Brazilian Amazonian species of Acanthoscurria Ausserer, 1871 are redescribed: A. geniculata (C.L. Koch, 1841), A. tarda Pocock, 1903, A. juruenicola Mello-Leitão, 1923, A. theraphosoides (Doleschall, 1871). Acanthoscurria simoensi Vol, 2000 and A. insubtilis Simon, 1892, previously known from French Guyana and Bolivia, respec- tively, are recorded for Brazil by the first time. The females of these two species are described for the first time and a new species, A. belterrensis sp. nov., is described from Belterra, Pará, Brazil. In addition, four synonymies are established: A. transamazonica Piza, 1972 as junior synonym of A. geniculataA. ferina Simon, 1892 and A. brocklehursti F.O.P.-Cambridge, 1896 of A. theraphosoides; and A. xinguensis Timotheo da Costa, 1960 of A. juruenicola. Acanthoscurria belterrensis sp. nov. resembles A. gomesiana Mello-Leitão, 1923 by the color pattern and structure of sexual organs. The male can be distin- guished by the less curved embolus and the very projected prolateral superior and prolateral inferior keels, giving a triangular aspect to the basis of embolus, and the female seminal receptacles presenting a larger and narrower basis.

KEY WORDS. Mygalomorphae; new species; taxonomy; Theraphosinae; spiders. )


Nunn, S.C. and West, R.C., 2013. "A New Species of Tarantula Spider in the Genus Lyrognathus Pocock 1895 (Araneae, Theraphosidae) from Sumatra". ISRN Zoology, Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 590809, 13 pages, Jan. 2013,


KRONMÜLLER, C.: Review of the subspecies of Scolopendra subspinipes LEACH, 1815 with the new description of the South Chinese member of the genus Scolopendra LINNAEUS, 1758 named Scolopendra hainanum spec. nov. (Myriapoda, Chilopoda, Scolopendridae). The "Chinese Giant Tiger Leg" is finally described!

Nelson Ferretti; Jorge Barneche 2012. New Species of Eupalaestrus from Argentina (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Theraphosinae.) Iheringia, Ser. Zool. vol. 102 no. 3 Porto Alegre Sept. 2012.
{Very similar-looking to E. campestratus except this new species, E. larae, has a thickened leg 4 femur and tibia and two parallel longitudinal lines down the femur, patella and tibia of the legs. Also, this species was collected in the Chaco region of Northern Argentina v.s. the Chaco region of Paraguay where E. campestratus is collected from.}


• (Aug. 2011) Redescription and new distribution records of Acanthoscurria natalensis

Gallon, R. C. 2011. A new Pterinochilus species from South Africa (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Harpactirinae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 15 (4): 121–126.

Abstract. A new Southern African Pterinochilus species, P. lapalala sp. n., is described, illustrated and diagnosed from its congeners. The available distribution data suggest this species is limited to the Waterberg mountains of Limpopo Province and appears to demonstrate some degree of habitat specialisation. It represents the most southerly recorded Pterinochilus species.


Theraphosa stirmi "Burgundy Goliath Birdeater" described! Change your tank labels again! The initial name passed around this past year was T. spinipes. This is now incorrect and should be changed to T. stirmi. Don't shoot the messenger. :) Rudloff J.-P. & D. Weinmann. 2010. A new giant tarantula from Guyana. Arthropoda Sciencia 1 (1): 20-38.

Richard C. Gallon (2010): A new genus and species of Harpactirinae from coastal Angola (Araneae, Theraphosidae). Bull. Br. arachnol. Soc. 15 (3), 79-82. Summary: A distinctive new monotypic African theraphosid spider genus is described from coastal Angola and diagnosed from
the other Harpactirinae genera. The type species of the new genus represents a new species.

African taxonomy paper out - name changes galore! Gallon, R. C. 2010. On some Southern African Harpactirinae, with notes on the eumenophorines Pelinobius muticus Karsch, 1885 and Monocentropella Strand, 1907 (Araneae, Theraphosidae). Bull. Br. arachnol. Soc., 15 (2): 29-48.

RICK C. WEST and STEVEN C. NUNN. A taxonomic revision of the tarantula spider genus Coremiocnemis Simon 1892 (Araneae, Theraphosidae), with further notes on the Selenocosmiinae.(Zootaxa 2443)
64 pp.; 30 cm.
3 May 2010
ISBN 978-1-86977-499-8 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-86977-500-1 (Online edition)

Magnolia Press
P.O. Box 41-383
Auckland 1346
New Zealand

Bertani, R. & C. S. Fukushima (2009): Description of two new species of Avicularia Lamarck 1818 and redescription of Avicularia diversipes (C.L. Koch 1842) (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Aviculariinae) – three possibly threatened Brazilian species. Zootaxa, 2223: 25-47. (View this .pdf HERE)


Brady, Allen R. "Nearctic Species of the New Genus 'Tigrosa' (Araneae: Lycosidae)." Journal of Arachnology 40, no. 2.00 (2012): 182-208. (Click HERE to view this article.)