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Trade/sell your stock

Got some live invertebrates, reptiles or their related products (publications, supplies, etc) for trade or sale?

We are always interested in legal, captive-born, wild-caught and imported stock. We offer generous and/or competitive trade credit (to be used for future purchases of my products), cash or even trade.

• We will pay shipping costs for your stock if we value it over $300

• You pay for shipping costs for stock that we value under $300.

• You need to be 18 yrs. or older and make offers that have enough value to be worth the shipping costs and effort. Generally, that's $50+.

• Use our wish list to see what we are currently looking for. Besides live invertebrates, reptiles and their related products, we are also looking for select computer and business supplies.

• We especially like to work with field collectors in the U.S. in CA, AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, GA and FL.

• Use the contact form below to communicate what you have for trade, store credit or for sale.

• Attention: EXPORTERS - click here for an exporter  application.

• U.S. breeders and field collectors, fill out the form below:

Surplus Stock Offer Form
Check the box that applies to your stock:
 Captive-born stock offerField-collected stock
Wild-caught, imported stock
Mixed stock (CB, WC imports, native field-collected)
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(Keep in mind that we are resellers so your stock needs to be valued 50% less than average retail market value. Any high quantities of 12, 25, 50, 100+ also needs to  reflect discounts as well for us to consider the stock.)
Use the below format:
Quantity / Genus / Species / Common Name / Life stage / Sex / WC or CB or CR / Trade value or price that is acceptable to you
*** We will let you know based on current market values/prices if yours are acceptable.
Describe the majority of your stock you are offering:

 Excellent, healthy, AAA +++ preminum stock
Healthy, good-looking stock
Established, feeding, drinking stock
Looks good, but not established

 Legality of your stock:
 I certify that my stock was legally collected/acquired that is not in violation of any local, state, Fed. or international law/regulation
Preferred value/payment:
 Store Credit (our most popular option selected)
50% store credit/50% cash
Cash payment (invoice paid net 15 days after receipt of your shipped stock)

 Thank you. We usually process this contact form in 72 hours or less.
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