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Phrynus marginemaculatus "Florida Tailless Whipscorpion", WC unsexed juveniles-adults, $15, 6+@$14 ea. (CB babies will be available end of May. Inquire.)


Coenobita clypeatus “Hermit Crab” (FL form), WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults, $5, 6+@$4.75
Gecarcinus quadratus “Purple Moon Crab”, WC unsexed juveniles/sub-adults $11, 6+@$10.50 ea.


Dasymutilla occidentalis "Cow Killer Velvet Ant", WC sub-adult females, $12
Gonatista grisea “Grizzled Bark Mantid”, WC unsexed juvs to adults 6@$20 ea., 12+@$19 ea.
Stagmomantis floridensis “Florida Greater Mantid”, WC unsexed juvs to adults 6@$8 ea., 12+@$7 ea.


Chamaeleo calyptratus “Veiled Chameleon”, CB unsexed juveniles, $55
Chameleo cristatus “Crested Chameleon”, WC sub-adult/adult pairs $145, single males: $95
Chameleo furcifer “Panther Chameleon” (Nosy Faly locale morph), WC sub-adult/adult pair $595
Chameleo jacksoni “Jackson’s Chameleon”, WC sub-adult/adult pair special: $85, single males: $95, single females: $90, 1.2 trio (1male/2 females): $120, 2.4 (2males/4 females): $235
Chameleo johnstonii “Johnston’s Chameleon”, WC sub-adult/adult females $145
Chameleo melleri “Meller’s Chameleon”, WC unsexed juvenile/young sub-adult $110, large adult $145, RARE CB babies $180, 6+@$175 ea.
Chameleo montium “Cameroon 2-horned Sailfin Chameleon”, WC sub-adult/adult pairs $130, single females: $85
Chameleo oustaleti “Oustalets Chameleon”, WC adult males, $60
Chameleo quadricornis “Cameroon 4-Horned Chameleon”, WC sub-adult/adult pairs $190, 2 pairs: $375, single male: $125
Chamaeleo verrucosus “Giant Spiny Chamleon”, WC sub-adult/adult pairs $110
Rhampholeon brevicaudatus “Pigmy Leaf Chameleon” WC sub-adults/adults, 6+@$16 ea.
Rhampholeon spectrum “Spectral Pygmy Chameleon”, WC sub-adults/adults, pricing:  6+@$18 ea.
Anolis equestrus “Cuban Knight Anole”, WC unsexed juvs to adults, $20, 6+@$18 ea.
Anolis sagrei “Brown Anole”, Feeders for your large tarantulas and centipedes! These really really
    put the weight on them. WC sub-adults/adults $5, 6@$4.50 ea., 12@$4 ea., 25+@$3.50 ea.
Polychrus marmoratus “South American Monkey Anole”, Rare! WC sub-adult/adult pairs $75 or 2 pairs $165

Hemidactylus turcicus “Mediteranean House Gecko”,  Feeder for large arboreal tarantula and centipedes and/or great pet! WC unsexed juvs to adults, 30 lot for $38
Uroplatus Ebenaui “Ebens short tail Leaftail Gecko”, Rare! WC sub-adult/adult pairs $250, reverse trio 2.1 $325
Gekko vittatus “White-lined Gecko” (aka “Skunk Gecko”), WC unsexed juveniles to adults 3 lot: $12.99 ea., 10 lot: $10.50 ea.
Ptychozoon kuhli “Khuls Flying Gecko”, WC unsexed juvenile to adult $, 3 lot: $15 ea., 10 lot: $10 ea.
 Sphaerodactylus notatus  “Florida Reef Gecko”, WC unsexed juvs to adults, 10@$14 ea.

EBOOKLETS - Educational series of electronic booklets by Todd A. Gearheart

* Brachypelma smithi "Mexican Red Knee Tarantula - ebooklet
* Theraphosa stirmi "Burgundy Goliath Birdeater" - ebooklet
See this page to order:


* WEBBINGS Invertebrate Magazine Vol. 1 no. 2 (July/August 1998). $7 shipped!

TARANTULA publications:

"L'élevage des mygales" [Paperback]
Gérard /Verdez /Cleton (Authors)
Publisher: Bornemann (1997)
Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches
82 pp., color pics, breeding notes/species profiles - nice!
Language: French ///Pics of a few rare species is worth it even if you don't read French!
* In good condition, minor edge wear.
$29 + postage
"Spider genera of North America: With keys to families and genera, and a guide to literature", 1993, 3rd edition, (Paperback), 203 pages, Language: English, # ASIN: B0006P9XNO, out-of-print, collector's copy! $15
"Theraphosidae der Welt", S. Huber, R. Samm and Dr. G. Schmidt, 1996, 64 pages, paperback,out-of-print, collector's book! German language, lists tarantulas by scientific name, with description author and date and countries found. $15
"A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders", by J. Kohl, Jan. 1989, Paperback, 160 pp., In good condition. $19
"Vogelspinnen im Terrarium. Lebensweise, Haltung und Zucht" by P. Klaas, Apr. 2003, Hardback, 142 pp., Awesome book with great pics and info from well-known breeder Peter Klaas. German text, but pics are good and there are pics of several rare species. . Like new! $88
"The Tarantula's World", (Japanese book on Tarantulas), Hardback, 1999 (?), 90 pp., Rare, import book that is hard-to-find, Japanese text, but pics are good and there are pics of several rare species. In good condition. $70
"Photography Through The Microscope" by J. Delly, Paperback, 1988, 104 pp., Awesome book with great pics on the subject! Like new! $26
British Tarantula Society Journal (Back issues) $4 ea. (Inquire for individual issue contents)

SCORPION publications:

"Stiri (Scorpions)", hardback, Czech Republic import, by F. Kovarik, Czech language, but lots of pics of rare scorps, 175 pp., $25
"Scorpions of Southern Africa" by J. Leeming (South African import), softback, 88 pp., $32
"A Systematic Revision of the Giant Hairy-Scorpion Genus Hadrurus (Scorpionida:Vejovidae), by S. Williams, softback, 62 pp., $19
"Scorpions (Arachnida) from Costa Rica" by O. F. Francke & Scott A. Stockwell, hardback, 64 pp., $14
"Fauna Magazine, vol.1, no. 2, 1997" (article on egg behavior of Tailless Whip Scorpions", softback, 79 pp., $6
"Scorpions - A Complete Pet Owner's Manual", by M. Rubio, softback, 95 pp., $5.25

CENTIPEDE publications:

"Giant Centipedes - the Enthusiast's Handbook" SB book 44 McMonigle 2003 $16

Misc. INVERTEBRATE publications:

"Praying Mantids - keeping Aliens" by A. Lasebny & O. McMonigle, softback, 40 pp., $14
“Scientific Papers and Presentations” by M. Davis, 1997, 296 pp. (S),ISBN 0-12-206370-8,* Like new! $12

MOVIES (postage starts at $3.50 and up. Inquire.):

"CENTIPEDE HORROR" (DVD film), Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.
DVD Release Date: May 15, 2008, Run Time: 93 minutes
See the trailer at:

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