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UPDATED: 11/21/15
*** Below is a list of animals, supplies and misc. items we are looking for. We prefer to give you store credit and/or do even trades. Sometimes, we can do cash. Inquire.

30+ Argiope florida “Lake Wales Ridge Argiope” adult females ONLY
40+ Argiope aurantia “Black & Yellow Argiope" adult females ONLY
25+ Acantheperia stella “Star-bellied Orb Weavers" adult females ONLY
45  Loxosceles reclusa “Brown Recluse” - large juveniles to adults

ROACHES (need urgently): Large numbers of the following:
* Blaberus craniifer – death’s head roach - juvs to adults
* Blaberus discoidalis – discoid roach - juvs to adults
* Blaptica dubia - dubia roach - juvs to adults


Acanthoscurria geniculata "Santarem Pink-haired", CB, 3"+ females
Avicularia spp. (any new/rare spp especially), any size/sex
Avicularia sp. "Amazonica" (Manaus type), any size/sex
Avicularia geroldi "Blue Pinktoe", CB, any size/sex
Aviculria minarix “Venezulan Red Stripe”, CB any size/sex
Avicularia purpurea "Purple Pinktoe", CB , any size/sex
Avicularia versicolor, CB any size/sex
Brachypelma spp. - CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Chromatopelma cyanopubescens "Greenbottle Blue", 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Cyriopagopus spp. - CB any size/sex
Ephebopus cyanognathus "Blue Fang Skeleton", CB any size/sex
Eucratoscelus longipes "Kenyan Stout Leg Baboon" (NOT E.pachypus, need this be 100% correct),  juvs to adults
Eupalestrus campestratus "Pink Zebra Beauty", sub-adult/adult females
Grammostola alticeps "Brazilian Gray Smoke", 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Grammostola iheringi "Entre Rios Tarantula", 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Grammostola mollicoma - Southern Varient , 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Grammostola pulchra "Brazilian Black, 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Haplopelma sp. "Bach Ma", 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Haplopelma costale , 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Haplopelma schmidti "Chinese Golden Earth Tiger", 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Hysterocrates hercules (NE Nigeria locality ONLY), 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Lasiodora spp. (not interested in L. parahybana, striatipes, or difficilis though), 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Lasiodorides polycuspulatus "Peruvian Blond", 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Lampropelma spp. - 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Monocentropus balfouri “Socotra Island Blue Baboon” - 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Poecilotheria spp. - 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Nhandu vulpinus "Brazilian Strawberry Blond", 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Pamphobeteus spp. (especially P. insignis, ornatus, vespertinus and any new species) - 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Selencosmia spp. - 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Sericopelma spp. - 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Tapauchenius violaceus "Purple Tree Spider", CB spiderilngs or juvenile to adult females
Theraphosa apophysis "Goliath Pink foot", CB spiderlings to adults
Theraphosa blondi "Goliath Birdeater" - ONLY real T. blondi, any size/sex
Xenesthis spp. - 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
Vitalius spp. - 
CB juv to adult females 2.75”+
*** Any tarantula over 10.5"

Androctonus spp. -  any size/sex
Apistobuthus pterygocercus "Giant Deathstalker",  any size/sex
Centruroides bani - any size/sex 
Heterometrus swammerdammi - CB any size/sex
Hottentotta jayakari, CB babies to WC adults
Hottentotta judaicus, CB babies to WC adults
Leiurus quinquestriatus "Death Stalker", - any size/sex
Microtityus a. consuelo 
Nebo hierichonticus, CB babies to WC adults
Ophistothalmus spp. - any size/sex
Orthochirus scrobiculosus negebensis, CB babies to WC adults
Orthochirus innesi, CB babies to WC adults
Pandinus imperator "Jungle Form" (Congo locality) over 8"
Parabuthus spp. - any size/sex
Rhopalurus spp. - any size/sex
Sotanochactas spp. "Cave Scorpion" (U.S. species only), sub-adults/adults
Scorpio maurus - any size/sex
Tityus spp. - any size/sex
Vaejovis confusis, CB or WC sub-adults/adults
Hadruroides spp., sub-adults/adults
* Any scorpion over 8" (but not Hadogenes spp.)

Scolopendra angulata "Guyana Blue Leg"- any size/sex
Scolopendra cingulata “Egyptian centipedes"- any size/sex
Scolopendra galapagoensis - any size/sex/morph
Scolopendra gigantea "black morph" - any size/sex
Scolopendra gigantea "white-legged morph" - any size/sex
Scolopendra gigantea "orange-legged morph" - any size/sex
Scolopendra hardwicki "Indian Orange & Black Banded" - any size/sex
Scolopendra heros "castaneiceps", "heros heros" or "arizonensis" - any size/sex
Scolopendra mortisans (West and South Africa) any size/sex
Scolopendra s. subspinipes "Chinese Giant Tiger Leg"- any size/sex
Scolopendra s. subspinipes "Malaysian Jewel"- any size/sex
Scolopendra viridicornis - any size/sex
Scolopendra sp. "Tanz. giant blue-legged centipede" (NOT S. moritsans!)
Scolopendra spp. - locality/origin of South Pacific Islands, China, SE Asia (other than Vietnam), Carribean Islands (other than Haiti), Central and South America and Philippines.
Scolopendra spp. - any new/rare/odd species not normally seen in the trade, especially looking for Malagasy and West African centipedes
*** Any centipede over 10"
* Any new/different centipedes that are colorful, contrasting and/or large

Cheracanthium inclusum "Yellow Sac Spider" - sub-adults/adults
Cyclocosmisa spp. of trapdoors spiders

Bothriocyrtum californicum "California Trapdoor Spider" - any size/sex
Ctenus captiosus "FL Wandering Spider", WC 1.5"-3" large juvs to adults
Ctenus hibernalis "AL, GA and MS Wandering Spiders" - juvs to adults
Deinopis spinosa "Ogre-faced Net-Casting Spiders" - sub-adults/adults females
Hogna aspera "Tiger Wolf Spider", dark morh), sub-adults/adults
Hogna carolensis "Giant Wolf Spider", only large adults 4"+
Latrodectus spp. (outside of the U.S., especially L. pallidus)
Latrodectus variolus “Northern Black Widow” , sub-adults/adults and a few mature males
Nephilia kowaci, N. pilipes. N.senegalensis, N. turneri and possibly other Nephila spp.
Phidippus spp. “Jumping spiders” - any colorful species, sub-adult to adults
Phoneutria spp. - any size/sex 
Scytodes sp. "Long-legged Spitting Spider" (Tampa and NW FL area) sub-adults/adults
Sphodros abboti "Blue & Black Purse Web" - sub-adults/adults
*** Any true spider with over a 7" leg span

* Liphistius desultor "Malaysian giant trapdoor spider" and any other Liphistius spp.
* Any primitive spider 4.5"+ in leg span

* Giant tailless whip scorpions from Asia, Central or South America - CB OR WC any size/sex
*** Any tailless whip scorpion whose legs and antenna are over 8"

* Mastigoproctus giganteus "Giant Vinegaroon" - juvs to adults
* Any non-native (to the U.S.) whip scorpion
* Any whip scorpion or "vinegaroon" over 4"

* Vietnamese Rainbow Millipedes - Captive-born in U.S. stock only
*** Any millipede over 10" 
- Captive-born in U.S. stock only

* Egyptian, Middle East and Asian species - any size/sex
*** Any solifugid with a body length + legs extended over 6

Dasymutilla coodentalis "Cow Killer", sub-adults/adults
Dasymutilla magnifica "Red Velvet Ant", sub-adults/adults
Dasymutilla gloriosa "Thrisledown Velvet Ant", sub-adults/adults

* Mantids from genera: Acanthops, Hymenopus, Deroplatys, Gongylus and Phyllocrania
*** Any mantid over 6

Cardisoma guanhumi “Giant Land Crabs” - any size/sex
{Note: this species can only be collected in FL between Nov. 1 of each year through June 30 of the following year by hand. No more than 20 a day and/or no more than 20 in your possession at any one time.}

Morelia viridis "Green Tree Pythons" - CB healthy baby/juvenile of locales of 
SORONG, Jayapura, Merauke, Manokwari, LEREHS, WAMENAS and Cyclops Mountains.

Anolis garmani "Jamaican Anole", CB or WC any size/sex, prefer 1.2 or larger groups
Chameleo melleri "Meller's Chameleon", healthy, CB or WC any size/sex
Chameleo cristatus “Crested Chameleon”, 
healthy, CB or WC any size/sex
Chameleo quadracornis "4-Horned Cameroon Chameleon", healthy, CB or WC any size/sex
Chameleo montium "Cameroon Sailfin", healthy, CB or WC any size/sex
Hydrosaurus pustulastus "Philippine Sailfin Dragon", CB any size/sex
Furcifer pardalis "Panther Chameleons" - healthy, CB or WC any size/sex/color morph
Gonatodes humeralis - juvs to adults
Goniurosaurus spp.
Rhineura floridana "Florida Worm Lizards" juvs to adults
Uracentron azureum "Green Thorny Tail Iguana", CB or permitted imports only, any size/sex
WORM LIZARDS - any size/species/sex

1 MacBook Pro notebook (13" or 15" monitor) computer


* Large quantities (50+) pill bottles 25 dramm size or larger from (will trade publications and/or true spiders for your surplus bottles)

Equipment needs:
• Any of the dino-lite digital microscopes (MAC compatible with USB connection)

1 "Handbook of Clinical Toxicology of Animal Venoms and Poisons" by J. Mejer and J. White, 1995. Hardback.

1 "Scorpions World" (see: )

1 "The Biology of Camel Spiders" by F. Punzo, hardcover  1998

1 "Spiders of North America: An Identification Manual" (Spiral-bound),by D. Ubick (Author), P. Paquin (Author),
P.E. Cushing (Author), V. Roth (Author)

1 "African spiders - an identification manual" by A. Dippenaar-Schoeman and R. Jocqué

2 copies of "Whip Scorpions (Chelicerata: Amblypgyi): Their Biology, Morphology and Systematics" by P. Weygoldt, hardcover, Published in 2000

1 "Venomous and Poisonous Animals: A handbook for Biologist, Toxicologists and Toxinologists, Physicians and Pharmacists" by D. Mebs, 2002.

2 copies of "A synopsis of the North American centipedes of the order Scolopendromorpha (Chilopoda)" by Dr. Rowland Shelley, 2002,  Virginia Museum of Natural History Memoir

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